Top 10 Songs from Final Fantasy VII

SA writes: Today I'm bringing to you a list that was originally for a collaborative effort that ended up not happening. Instead we picked a different game after some difficulties, expect that soonish. Well now I have this list just lying around... doing nothing... might as well share it. And before we all go crazy because our favorite isn't in here, that's what makes the list great. No one's is going to be the exact same.

So enough of all this and time to start up the 10 best songs from Final Fantasy VII.

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Yangus2377d ago

I like,great songs and great game!!

2012(FFXIII-2)this not bad:

Eamon2376d ago

As much as I dislike FF13's soundtrack, I have to say this Gilgamesh remix is pretty good.

Lulz_Boat2376d ago

every FF 7 song is epic

aDDicteD2376d ago

nice list, it bring's back memories

RainbowDash2376d ago

I agree with Cosmo Canyon. Spent a lot of time there just to listen to the music.

Eamon2376d ago

Amazing list. The nostalgia is just too sweet.