Why I’m pumped for the PS4

Console Domination writes: Codenamed ‘Orbis’, the PS4 will be dropping its predecessors use of cell processors, instead favouring the use of graphic chips, namely the AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU. Apparently this will have the grunt to produce a resolution of up to 4096x2160, meaning that any of us interested in buying one better get used to the idea of upgrading our televisions to utilise the power.

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Prcko2377d ago

hell yeahh
ps4 baby,bring it!!!

Akuma-2377d ago

I can't wait for the ps4.

Judging by todays gaming trends I can see that the ps4 will be the best console in the coming new generation of video games.

One of my reason is because of the importance of exclusive titles for game platforms because third party exclusives are non-existence and Sony owns the most gaming development studios. Another one of my reason for thinking ps4 will be the best is because of sonys reputation of making devices with cutting edge technology for its time with features and power other devices don't have.

I believe the ps4 and ps vita will work together to do amazing things even better than remote play so I see the combo being better than the wii u because of the potential and power of both device.

cannon88002376d ago

I can wait a little more but what saddens me the most is the technically inferior processor that might be in the ps4/orbis. The cell is a marvel of a cpu, and it would be better if they were to stick with it. The problem in the beginning, was that programmers were not using the SPE's (synergistic processing elements) So in the end, they were running games on the cell's single core. That's where the problem occurred in the beginning. My opinion is this; add a second or third core with six to eight SPEs inside. That way, newcomers to the ps4 could at least use three cores in the beginning for their games. Then in the end when they unleash the ps4's full processing potential, they can then use all the available SPEs (which would be a lot!)

come_at_me_bro2377d ago

The PS4 could be the greatest system ever made, but I'm not buying one if it has used game protection/DRM. Same goes for the Xbox Backflip McTwist 720.

DeadlyFire2377d ago

Its not that part that bothers me. Its the whole rumor of it being tied to one account. I don't care who you are if you buy a console and have siblings they want individual accounts and identities. Having only one account fucks that all up. If true. This must change before I buy PS4.

Felinox2376d ago

I doubt they would because of the money they stand to make on online purchases. They get one PS4 in a house and everyone can buy the content to suit them.

TekoIie2376d ago

I just pray Sony has learned from their PS3 release. I know people will say "look at the vita release" but its not quite the same as the PS4.

Also wondering if they are gonna start charging for PSN considering the money losses they made recently.

BitbyDeath2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

The losses are in other departments.
Sony would have to be pretty dumb to punish the side that is making them money.

hiredhelp2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Southern slands GPU yeh baby thats what im talking about.
4096x2160. . Thats not right it be heavy frane rate drop youll need a high end gpu witch cant wont happen on consoles because the price for 1, hmmm

Wish they took ibm newest cell broadband but i see the reason why and as a pc builder i know why.
Having a Amd GPU along side a Amd Cpu will utilize better. So that said the price would also be fitting as the parts be cheaper while retaining quality and performance.

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Gamer30002377d ago

me too but
i will wait a year or so after launch

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