Titanic: The Lost in the Darkness - Brand New Screens And Trailer Shows The Power Of CryEngine 3

ORM Entertainment released a brand new trailer and stunning screenshots from its upcoming standalone CryEngine 3 game.

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therealwillie2377d ago

rather than waiting hours for it to load heres a much simpler youtube link

kma2k2377d ago

i swear i saw this years ago? This really isnt a very impresive video there were lots of things in the video that stood out as old imo at least. But the dead giveaway was the ending scene said you wont need cryending 2 to play this meaning it was created on cry enging 2 i woudl assume?

sjaakiejj2377d ago

So what stood out as old to you? The first video of this project released about half a year ago, and the video says you don't need Crysis 2 to play this, meaning that it's built on the CryEngine 3 as a standalone game.

kma2k2377d ago

specifically look at the cables on the boat in the into scene they are worse jig jag then most games ive played current gen. Look at the ice berg it looks like n64 graphics. There was nothing in the video that dosent look like it was either current gen or even further back then that!

sjaakiejj2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I think you're forgetting three things there

1. It's a hobbyist project with 2-3 people behind it, not a state-of-the-art next-gen game with a team of a 100 people strong
2. The jaggies are caused by a lack of AA, which is just a setting
3. Things like the ice-berg are likely just place-holders. The creators clearly specified at the end of the video that this was still a work in progress, but they just wanted to put it out in respect of the 100th anniversary.

LolololRumz2377d ago

Really nice job actually, especially for a work in progress, didn't actually realise this was going to be a full game. Hopefully they add in a few simple maps to the grand stairs, a bit of extra secularity and reflection would really make the wood look a lot better.

Kran2377d ago

For just a few people behind it, an excellent job indeed.