TLR: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Pissed Off) Review

Amir of TLR Writes "The Resident Evil franchise has been a pillar of zombie influenced gaming for years, It has been one of the most main stream pieces of bread and butter from Capcom for over a decade."

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VTKC2469d ago

I find that I should only play this game with friends (if they actually want to play this game) as I find the AI are absolutely terrible in helping out. Running through trip mines and standing in fire are just not very helpful and more of a hinderance

Myst2469d ago

My sentiments exactly I only play with friends as well and we have a blast talking on Skype. Also new DLC for spec ops coming out next week 3 more missions. So definitely something to tell your friends if they are still playing.

Iceman X2469d ago

Why talk on Skype?? This game has voice chat. Strange....

Myst2469d ago

Cause my laptop is right beside the TV anyway and I have no bluetooth it broke. So rather than buying another we all just go on Skype. Besides we usually talk after we are done with the game and hop to another like Skullgirls or League of Legends.