What would a Single Console World be like? |

Lawson Dourvier of looks at a world with only one console.

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Cam_is_16bit2403d ago

Hopefully motion controller free.

Dante1122403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Expensive and uninspired (Random fees and prices they would throw at us). Modern Warfare till console gaming finally ended.

LOGICWINS2403d ago

YUP..more or less.

Less competition would mean more taking advantage of gamers because we don't have a choice but to take it(unless we all become PC gamers or revert back to board games lol).

pixelsword2403d ago

Well, that's it: it will be just like PC gaming, except the console will be the lower-end PC.

PC gaming is hanging on purely because of three things that the consoles are beginning to do, but still lag behind on this gen.

1. Great Graphics (they may never catch-up to the PC, but this gen I was only tempted for one PC game: Crysis. The rest wasn't critical in terms of the differences)

2. Precision control (Mice will always beat a controller to me, period. I was hopeful with The sixaxis, but even Sony never realized it's potential, and companies that fully embraced it, Sony didn't really support. The next gen will have to beat the mouse, Move may be the key, but the gaming has to improve because right now, original AAA move gaming does NOT exist)

3. An enduring community for each game that is released. (There are ways devs can extend the life of it's online community without reverting to DLC all of the time, and once they do that, you'll see plenty of games with an enduring community)

aviator1892403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Legen...*wait for it*...dary!

All games on one beast machine = happiness. :D

But competition is good and certainly drives innovation.

dark-hollow2403d ago

Disaster! Its bad if one company holds the market alone.

Some argue that the nes,snes and the ps1,ps2 did great without any real competition.

Well even that look at the aftermath of those consoles, Nintendo were stubborn about adapting new technology like CDs and Sony came and saved the day.
Sony were too cocky after the ps2 that they thought a 600$ console would crush the competition anyway due to it brand.

Bottom line, competition is what drives this industry forward.

Cosmit2403d ago

A....its a world...a world I wouldn't want to live in...

Titanz2402d ago

The PS1 & 2, were consoles that benefited from that luxury. If you wanted the best third party exclusives (during that gen) -- you had to have both those consoles.

And there's always PC (and handheld) gaming, so a "one console monopoly", wouldn't be as dreadful as some people would believe it to be.

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