Dragon's Dogma "Grab On" Trailer

Capcom have released a brand new trailer for Dragon's Dogma. In this trailer you'll learn all about the grab and hold gameplay in Dragon's Dogma.

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RedDead2376d ago

Damn this game looks great but for **** sake. I just don't trust Capcom anymore.

Nitrowolf22376d ago

I know!!
I feel the same way, like this game is totally badass looking. Looks like a awesome mix of monster hunters, skyrim, and the Souls series (at least I get that idea). I already heard there are 100 side quest pre-order or DLC, which kind of bums me out wondering what else they kept away.

Gonna keep an eye on this title.

Army_of_Darkness2376d ago

Just have patients and wait for the full version 1 year later;)

rdgneoz32376d ago

That or wait till Amazon has it on sale for like $20 or $30 cheaper. But yah, really wanting to get it but with Capcom's record lately, don't want to screw myself over.

GamingPerson2376d ago

lol I would be so scared to have a snake as a tale.

xBigxBossx2376d ago

im very excited for this game.
i knew about it for along time but it never enticed me
until after watching oxm and this

day 1

xyxzor2376d ago

Gah, want this game, but screw Capcom.

WetN00dle692376d ago

I could care less about Capcom. Ill be getting this day one just cause it looks amazing!

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