Leisure Suit Larry Creator Al Lowe Thinks Touch Screens Will Save Adventure Games

Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe was asked how he thinks the point and click adventure genre can be revitalized. This was his reply.

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CrzyFooL2381d ago

Bring back all the old adventure classics in HD on iOS!

Cataract2381d ago

I could never get into the Leisure Suit Larry games, mostly because I was never aware of them until the god awful PS2 games. An HD remake of the older titles could finally be enough to foster interest in gamers who never got the chance to play them.

PaladinXII2381d ago

Great piece. My only disappointment is that you didn't mention Full Throttle. I would kill for a chance to play that game again.

Vagrant2381d ago

Leisure Suit Larry...

I remember him from the 90's :p

Fairchild Channel F2381d ago

We don't need touch screens to save adventure games. What we need is for good adventure games to actually be made. It's a shame that a company like LucasArts, arguably the greatest point-and-click adventure game maker, can find tens of millions of dollars to churn out another shitty Star Wars game but can't find under one million to make an adventure game.

Well we always have Tim Schafer and Kickstarter.

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