Play Vault Analysis Of The God Of War IV Tease

Play Vault's William:

"There’s been a burst of fresh speculation in the last few days that Sony is working on a fourth console installment of God of War since supposed whispers of Kratos’ return were leaked in January, and it’s actually starting to seem feasible.

It all started when Playstation revealed a graphic on its Facebook page on Thursday with the simple tagline: ‘Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?’, and promising a related game reveal on April 19th. True, revenge was always a vital theme in the franchise, being the entire impetus for Kratos’ ambitious war on Olympus and the colour scheme and art style do, to some degree, fit with God of War‘s luscious looks. Though tenous, the series’ name has been thrown around the comments section more than any other."

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GTRrocker2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

The God of war games have great story and gameplay. The characters besides kratos aren't that memorable though. I hope they improve on that in the 4th of the series.

JoeReno2381d ago

I disagree. All the boss battles in the 3game are very memorable which were secondary characters.

GTRrocker2381d ago

The battles were not the characters themselves

JoeReno2380d ago

The Gods that Kratos took down in the boss battles are characters

Machioto2381d ago

If it's not god of war then most likely it's heavenly sword 2.