Golden4games: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City DLC Echo Six Review

Available for all game owners, regardless of the way they purchased the game (i.e., used or new). Will become available on April 12th. Players take on the role of a group of Special Forces soldiers tasked with investigating the outbreak in Raccoon City. While the first DLC is free and contains the first Spec Ops mission, subsequent missions will not be free.

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RedDead2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Capcom giving away something for free?

Translation seems very weird though so it may(likely) be wrong :)

StanSmith2378d ago

Not really no.

This is just 1 of 7 missions. The other 6, players will be charged for.

After renting this, i can honestly say that these dlc missions are the 2nd half of the campaign. They screwed people over yet again.

rezzah2378d ago

Wow I never knew that, Capcom trying to be sneaky with free DLC.

suicidalblues2378d ago

You hit the nail on the head, Mario. There's no reason whatsoever that these missions couldn't have been on the disc. Its dlc for extra revenue.

Unfortunately for me I was one of the few that liked the game, so Capcom has won this round and will likely get my money.

But depending on what they do with the dlc on re6 this may be their only time....and had I known about this bs before I purchased ORC I would've waited til a price drop.

G4Games2378d ago

This is just free 1 of 7 missions