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Matt Gardner: "We already knew that The Witcher 2 was a cracking game. Dave's review of CD Projekt RED's fantastical RPG last year lavished it with high praise, even as I wept as my faithful PC at the time departed this world. The love that the developers showed for the platfom was clear, and when The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition was announced for Xbox 360 was announced, the questions that surrounded it were mostly technical. Bad ports can, after all, wreck a triumphant parade with torrential rain.

We needn't have worried."

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Darkieinthemist2405d ago

I dont think the game deserves a 10 , but these are reviews, what can you do........

its a good game but not a 10

caboose322405d ago

Why are you commenting on every article that gives it a high score?

We get it already, you don't think it deserves it.

Siren302405d ago

Have you actually played the game?

KeiserSosay47882405d ago


In a time in which almost every RPG is made more and more simple and games become less difficult, I ABSOLUTELY believe it deserves these high scores. It's gonna take great devs like CDProjekt Red to get the corporate casual hunters to see past the massive amount of children that don't like "hard" games and put in just a little bit of effort for us guys that like a challenge, that like something different, that like something fresh for a change.

reznik_zerosum2404d ago

in time when mass effect,cod and halo are considered good games,witcher 2 is masterpiece

the worst2404d ago

360 will out sell the pc version 5to1
pc gaming is dead

pandehz2404d ago

The Witcher 2 is the best pc rpg to date period