Wasteland 2: How to tell PR guys to 'F#*k Off' and get over 2.5M from Fans instead

Brian Fargo has dreamt of his vision for 20 years. He was involved with the best RPGs of all time and finally wanted to make a true succesor to Wasteland, the game that later spawned the Fallout universe.

But only now, with the help of fan-funding via kickstarter, is he able to make the game that he and the fans want - Wasteland 2. And they have given him over 2.5 million dollars already.

The financing drive is still going higher – See the link for Fargo and Chris Avellone (Baldur's Gate) talking with the fans about what makes great RPGS and the Publishers' Reactions to Wasteland 2's huge success - A game that none of them wanted to finance.

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DtotheW2430d ago

I thought some of the questions were really interesting, especially those regarding Obsidian. Hope you enjoy ;)

Fairchild Channel F2430d ago

Don't forget! Only two more days left on Kickstarter so if you can afford to donate please do. $15 bucks gets you the game and the original Wasteland was a great game. If you love real RPG's, do yourself a favor and donate!