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An unexpected game from Capcom could turn into this year's smash hit. Filled with dragons, ogres, hydras, and hordes of other enemies Dragon's Dogma is set to bring gamers through a wild ride of insane spells and intense battles.

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Baka-akaB2376d ago

Unexpected ? people just wanted to ignore it , or werent informing themselves , is more like it .

MissAubrey2376d ago

I was interested in this game but then I remembered its bieng done by CAPCOM and I'd only be getting 40% of my $59.99 game

MissAubrey2376d ago

LOL a dissagree? (must of been a capcom employee) So the disc locked content on RE5, SF4, SSF4, SSF4:AE, MVC3, UMVC3, SFxT, Megaman 9/10, Resident evil:ORC and others isnt proof enough that this game will have locked content as well??

Felinox2376d ago

Exactly. Shame to cause it looks pretty sweet. Oh well theres plenty of other games from legitimate companies to play.
Seriously though as soon as i hear capcom or recognize an ip as capcom i lose all intrest as i know they will screw us.

Cennus2376d ago

I really want to disagree with you both since I am excited for Dragon's Dogma but I can't. I haven't been able to defend Capcom since they cancelled both Mega Man Universe and Legends 3. Basically resigning one of my favorite gaming series to death.

I really hope Dragon's Dogma is a sign that Capcom's quality will rise. X and Zero in that new mash-up game is sort of promising. At least he isn't the overwight dummy we're getting in Street Fighter x Tekken.

rezzah2376d ago

As much as I want this game I might hold off on it due to their business tactics.