Skyrim Kinect DLC Nothing to Shout About's Dean Martin gets critical about Skyrim's first DLC offering. After 6 months, instead of new quests or monsters, we get screaming Dovahkiin and quicker access to the map.

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Snookies122381d ago

Lol at least you all get something... PS3 and PC owners don't get stuff for a while... :\

Cennus2381d ago

True, that's sad on its own right. :(

xPhearR3dx2381d ago

See this is what I don't understand. People complain about getting DLC saying give them time to enjoy the game, then turn around and complain they're not putting it out fast enough.

Personally, I can't wait for the DLC, but at the same time I'm glad it's taking this long. They're actually giving me a chance to play and enjoy the many other games on my backlog, but also providing small new features in patches to bring me back in.

Skyrim is such a great game and on consoles at least, I want it to last. By taking a long time to produce an expansion pack it gives me another reason to pop the game back in and possibly play it all over.

gta_manic2381d ago

Mods...thats all i need

LOGICWINS2381d ago

LOL..I've never seen so much negativity towards FREE OPTIONAL DLC in my life.

Drake1172380d ago

The funny thing is, is it seems like this guy thinks it takes the entire Bethesda team to create a small, free, update(not even DLC) that adds kinect support. They are obviously working hard on that big meaty DLC he is talking about while having a couple people working on completely free updates.

lsujester2380d ago

Seeing how long it took them to fix the PS3 freezing issue, it probably is taking the entire team to do these updates. Five guys to put it in and then 300 to get the bugs out.

Nimblest-Assassin2380d ago

Really? Lets talk the Mass Effect 3 extended cut... you know what? Lets not

Nimblest-Assassin2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Want to hear a joke?

Skyrim on PS3...

After Bethesda decided to make Skyrim for PS3, not a single f*** was given after.

Sorry, but I played Skyrim on PS3, and I was so angry at Bethesda, I decided to never support them again, because technically everyone who bought the game for PS3 day 1 was robbed.

Here is a comment I left for someone named tr10wn
----------------------------- -----------------------
Well that is because you played the PC and 360 versions. Not the PS3 version, and yes it is Bethesda's fault because they intentionally sold PS3 owners a unfinished product.

They just dismissed it as a small percentage, but almost everyone at launch had these problems. Im not saying Skyrim is a bad game, its just that I am mad because I got cheated out of a good game.

I payed the same price as you for Skyrim yes? Shouldn't I get the same game as you? Your not paying more than me, and Im not paying less than you.

Why didn't we get the same experience as you? Why didn't Bethesda just say "we are having troubles with the PS3 version and it will launch a bit later?"

Never has a game pissed me off as much as Skyrim, because of all the tomfoolery and deception Bethesda was delivering to us, selling us a broken product.

And a 92 for this:

Truth is, if you put the time and effort into it, you can achieve it. Look at platinumgames and Rockstar. After screwing up GTA4 and Bayonetta, they learned from their mistakes and made great games for both consoles in the form of Vanquish and RDR...

So why doesn't Bethesda learn like they did?

Fallout 3 was inferior compared to the 360 and PC versions.

Especially odd, because 360 and PS3 are almost even.

Truth is, Bethesda got their GOTY's they got my money... they honestly did not care enough for the PS3 version and obviously put more time and effort into the 360 one.


They only sent XBOX and PC

And somehow the PS3 version gets 92... with only 2 of those reviewers probably recieved a PS3 copy, and one of them was Skyrims lowest score.

The PSMUK and US were the only ones who got PS3 copies.

Bethesda did not care for the PS3 version its extremely obvious...

Seeing all these people complain about an ending in ME3... rather than going up and arms for the lies Bethesda told us is disheartening.

I bought the same game as you.... but here is the difference.

You got Skyrim... a legitimate GOTY contendor

I got a POS.... you see why I am mad?
----------------------------- ------------------

Never has a game studio angered me as much as Bethesda... sure people get mad at day 1 dlc, 15 dollar map packs, online passes, etc...

But myself and so many others bought an incomplete game... for full price, without even an apology, something to make it up to us, etc

I have zero respect for Bethesda after Skyrim, simply because they got away with it... and I can never find it in myself to forgive them for it

We have to wait a month for dlc, wait 4 months before we got the game we were promised, and thats it. Never again Bethesda.

Next time this is what I will hear:

extermin8or2380d ago

well said, and I believe ps3 owners and pc iwners get the dlc a month after 360? (ps3 owners at least if not PC owners) they haven't apologised for the mess they released; and it still sometimes has issue and I fully expect some crap about the ps3s architecture in response to your comment but the fact is Naughty DOg etc have shown if you put in the time and effort the games you get out can be amazing so Bethesda are just lazy tbh... (and you realise the dlc is likely to reinitiate the issue again as it will use up more RAM just acknowledging you have the DLC :/ it did for both the fallouts on ps3 which suffered from the same issue I don't believe Skyrim used a new engine... just a heavily improved version of the old one :(

dark-hollow2380d ago

I don't care what kinect haters say.

This update would change the gameplay IMO by a LOT!!

One of my main complaints about skyrim is going through menus upon menus could really be a burden and ruin the game flow.

Now instead of going through a long list of shouts, weapons and spells, I can just speak what I want and it get in my hand immediately! It really keep the flow of the game going and I really like it.

aviator1892380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I totally agree with you on that one. The menus, while tons better than oblivion, are a chore to work through. Using kinect for easy access sounds pretty sweet.

mistajeff2380d ago

well, considering this exact thing was a PC mod first, it's not even new in that regard.

aviator1892380d ago

Maybe not new for PC players, but definitely for console owners.

pixelsword2380d ago

Robot minister: "That don't impress the Robot Devil, no sir!"

Robot Deacon: "No sir!"

*Bender crashes through roof*

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THC CELL2381d ago

I'm sorry but skyrim would of been a perfect move game and people are buzzing over something that can be done with a headset

Snookies122381d ago

I personally think motion controls need to be left out of it period. Kinect as well... The same is true for most games actually... There are very few games that work best with anything like Kinect/Move/Wiimote, Metroid Prime 3 did a fantastic job of it, but it's a very rare case to see motion control/voice control, etc. done right.

lsujester2380d ago

I could see Move working pretty well in Skyrim. The combat is so simplistic, seems it wouldn't require that much. How precise to you really need to be to slash a sword horizontally?

OllieBoy2381d ago ShowReplies(2)
DeathAvengers2380d ago

Kinetic is much more technollogically advanced in voice recognition than a common headset

mac_sparrow2380d ago

Surely when you stop and think about it, it's the software library doing the work. otherwise my SM58 would do voice recognition out of the box too right?

I'm not saying the voice recognition isn't alright as an overall package, but the microphone is just an input device.

dark-hollow2380d ago

Then why Sony doesn't PUSH move support forward?
Why doesn't they pay third party developers to utilize move in their games?

What preventing them from expanding the MOVE support like ms already doing with kinect?

TekoIie2380d ago

i just find it ironic how "gimicky" or simply "shit" kinect apparently is but as soon as a popular game gets kinect support its a big deal... Thought no one would want kinect support considering people on this site hate it so much...

maniacmayhem2380d ago

@thc cell

If it can be done with a headset then why isn't it implemented to the ps3?

I mean why not just port the code to the ps3 headsets?

If its so simple.

Christopher2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Because Sony doesn't consider it a selling point and instead enable Move as an option in games as a selling point. Anything that helps to sell Kinect is a selling point for Microsoft. Same thing for Sony and the Move.

Just FYI, Sony does have the language libraries in their SDK, but there is question as to how much memory it would take to run and if there is enough for games like ME3 and now Skyrim. Opinions vary on that bit.

maniacmayhem2379d ago


That's exactly my point, it can't be easily implemented for the ps3 as it can with Kinect.

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dazzrazz2381d ago

I wish they would be so kind with patches instead of some useless shit like this :]

GraveLord2381d ago this DLC free or paid?
If its paid then lol.

aviator1892380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

It's free..
And it should be termed as an update. The author misused DLC here.

adamant7152381d ago

Erm... The Kinect support isn't DLC.. lol It's an update

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