PS3 Home: Techtree Preview

Techtree writes:

"Let me bring Sony's Home to your notice, a unique initiative that may soon silence all its critics. It was announced last year in March; the service was supposed to go live in December but was eventually postponed for late 2008 release. Home is a virtual world, vaguely similar to Second Life. In Home, every PS3 owner gets his own personal space or an apartment at no extra cost, which makes it even better.

Home is an avatar-based virtual world and every PS3 owner is invited. The service will be a free download, which rumors say will be around 500 MB in size. In this virtual neighborhood you'll make friends, chat, visit unique areas, and go shopping. Let's look at Home in more detail:"

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HarryEtTubMan3963d ago

dude I can't wait... its gonna be such a funny unique experince... there are going to be millions on Home and its going to grow and get better all the time. So cool.

Shaka2K63962d ago

Truly an experience.

THC CELL3963d ago

home is the next myspace and facebook

sonarus3963d ago

thats quite ambitious. Hopefully home turns out the way most of imagine it. It won't stand on its own as a system seller but it will definetly bring a lot of appeal to the console especially since its free. home and little big planet really show how sony is expanding to casual gamers as well as hardcore. While expand to casual users with games like scene it...oh yea dats a rip off of buzz

mattkelly19913962d ago

Maybe Im dumb, but PS3 is really starting to look good. My Xbox is getting lame lately. I can't get online lately. Hmmm, Maybe Ill get one soon enough.

Skerj3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I don't see why it has to be 500mb in size when there are demos of 1.7 gigs and crap. I can't wait for it though, ONLY if it does everything from the trailers on launch. They better have a black pirate skull cowboy hat with matching speedos for me to wear, because if I can't dress like I do in real life then I'll be a sad panda.

Maddens Raiders3963d ago

I've been longing for ever since the trailer was available. I believe Home has the potential to put the PS3 into the enviable position of "must-have-now" console. There is nothing else like it on other consoles and it appeals to so many people. Great idea.

Multigamer3963d ago

yeah the pc has it, its called the sims.

you really think this will apeal to the average gamer? u must be nuts

Skerj3963d ago

Well uh they'll grab the sims crowd you just mentioned, myspace kids, and a lot of PS3 owners I know have expressed great interest in it because of the party system for games. So yes it will appeal to the average gamer.

Maddens Raiders3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

the last time I checked PC's are not consoles. Did I miss something?

"There is nothing else like it on other consoles..."

-- might want to comprehend before you post dumbass.

Multigamer3963d ago

ok dipsh!t how about the sims on ps2,gamecube and every other console its been on.

now whos the dumbass

Maddens Raiders3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

that you introduced the PS2 and Gamecube into your weak argument, when you clearly stated PC's:

multigamer = FAIL go find a bridge to hide under and do this crap somewhere else child.

Skerj3963d ago

Looks like someone didn't do research on the two properties he's arguing about. Sims != Home in any shape or form, Second Life would have been a fairer comparison and they're both still pretty different in scope, ambition, and execution.

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Aeroglyphics3963d ago

Late 2008? Is that a typo? I thought it was slated for a spring release.

decapitator3963d ago

Nope, I think public beta is slated for spring. It will probably be after GDC or maybe even E3.

Kleptic3962d ago

none of that is confirmed the TGS last year it was announced to be delayed until spring 2008...and a public (more public anyway) would be released before the end of 2007...only thing so far that happened was the public beta not being released...

there has been an ongoing closed beta since summer 2007, at least I think its still going on...but SCE never confirmed a delay until fall for the full release...while it seems very likely this is the case, I am not sure where any of these rumors came from...

SCE needs it it currently stands, this year of PS3 dominance is quickly slipping into something similar that the 360 had last year...pretty much nothing worthwhile until the end of the year (starting at the end of August or so)...MGS4 (still not confirmed release date wise), KZ2, LBP, and Resistance 2 are all being crammed into that 3 month release window...and if Home isn't happening until then either, I don't see what is going to prevent the PS3 falling back into the sub 100k sales per month margin that happened last spring...

don't get me wrong, I am excited for all this stuff...but last summer everything was shaping up for the PS3 to have non stop awesome releases month after month all 2008...and now it has...Haze and Burnout...until the end of 2008 it appears...w/ long as it works when its released I don't really care...

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