Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Map Pack Review Passion For Games

The final Drake's Deception DLC for Fortune Hunter's Club members has arrived, in the form of the "Drake's Deception Map Pack". A slightly obvious name, but necessary, given the fact that the two previous map packs were "Flashback" packs.

So how are the new maps? Let's find out!

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sandman2242377d ago

I've been playing it all morning and I have to say I think it's the best maps I've seen so far. Great job naughty dog!

PR_FROM_OHIO2377d ago

100% Agree Naughty Dog really did an awesome job with the new maps some of the best multiplayer maps i have ever seen!!!! It almost seems like they some how made the graphics even better with these maps!! NAUGHTY DOG FTW!!!!!

Chitown712912377d ago

Graveyard is in the top 5 craziest multiplayer maps ever made for any game!

BoNeSaW232377d ago

Good review. I agree.

Since this pack dropped, I have seriously played them more than the Flashback #2 maps. I have yet to play Train Wreck more than once maybe twice, which is a shame because that was my most wanted map from U2 especially after removing the blizzard and snow so you could see the entire area.

I Love Oasis and Graveyard!
By far the best maps in the Multiplayer to date IMO. My opinion is still out on the other 2. I haven't played on them to much but they didn't have the "WOW" factor as the other ones did when first played.