GamerFitNation E3 2012 Nintendo Predictions

GamerFitNation's Rigo gives his Nintendo E3 2012 predictions.

As every gamer should know by now, E3 2012 is just right around the corner. Game companies from all around the world will be there to showcase what they have for in store for the 2012-2013 season. One of the biggest companies there will be, of course, the mega corporation, Nintendo. Many people are excited to know about what Nintendo has up their sleeves this year for E3. Whatever they do have to offer, I’m sure most will not be disappointed.

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Ilovetheps42381d ago

I can't wait to learn more about the Wii U. Some details of the system, launch games, launch date/price and other stuff are still not known and I can't wait to hear Nintendo tell us about all of this.I'm still trying to determine whether or not I want to buy this when it comes out. But I'll have to find out more about the system before I decide.

xflo3602381d ago

I think a new metroid prime is a high possibility for being a launch game. Ill put it this way if metroid is a launch game then im buying.

frequentcontributor2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Where were the predictions? Pikmin is definitely coming to the WiiU, as Miyamoto has already stated that they had moved development over from the Wii. As for Dragon Age 3 and Dead Space 3, I guess those are predictions... I haven't seen either as rumors, so it does seem to be a guess pulled from thin air. The app store thing is a pretty common rumor, so also not really a prediction...