The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Review (

The Witcher 2 isn’t your normal RPG. It has a sense of feeling where you, as the player, need to care about everything you do in the world and how others are interacting socially. The game has an old school feeling when you meet the different races and some of them are quite cruel while others are kind and willing to help you out. The kingdoms are in the on the urge of war, led by careless kings who play their personal vendettas out on the battlefield without any regard for their armies’ lives...

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SoldierX2431d ago

Only thing I hate about the Witcher 2 is the name....a man can't be a witch! He's a warlock right?

Dude4202431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I think it's rather unique. Yes I believe the definition of wiedzmin is warlock unless someone in polish can correct me.

I heard the reason they named him Witcher in english is because the name was more fitting to the character and setting, which I 100% agree. IMO, I think it would sound a little silly calling the book/game The Warlock (in english translation).

caboose322431d ago

But the name has nothing to do with witches or warlocks. It's something completely different, and I think it works great.

fossilfern2431d ago

For those who bought the Witcher 2 originally can download this patch (10GB! :O) to get their version patched to the Enhanced Edition.

If CD Projekt can give this kind of content away for nothing why cant Capcom, EA etc ?