Assassins Creed‘s Revolutionary Showing: The Secret War Reaches American Soil

Matt Randisi writes, "Assassin’s Creed III was easily one of the most anticipated must-see titles showcased during PAX East this year. It is easy to think of Ubisoft’s flagship franchise as a minimalist annual contender which will always offer more of the same with minor tweaks here and there, but the latest project has actually been in development for a couple of years now. Keeping this in mind it shouldn't seem surprising that ACIII had a cornucopia of details revealed during their observational demo at the Ubisoft theater. There was an aura of disappointment amongst the masses that there was no hands-on gameplay, but tears were wiped away and the urge to rage flip the nearest table quickly dissipated when the proverbial curtain was raised and the show began to enchant us."

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