Namco Bandai welcomes Witcher 2's Skyrim comparisons

Far from being concerned about vying to for consumer spend with big-hitting rivals such as Mass Effect 3 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the publisher has welcomed the comparisons

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SoldierX2380d ago

He's more of a Warlock.

b_one2380d ago

dude, go read books ;) u will find how wrong u are ;)

blinkingfast2380d ago

but both more adult type rpgs..

GamingPerson2380d ago

witcher is more hardcore to me.

DudeJets2380d ago

I agree the witcher is very full on and very adult marketed

Darkieinthemist2380d ago

He sure is laying it on thick. I guess as a pr man he has to so I cant blame him for that........

in general reviews, metacritic, are all worthless, and have so many holes, once you learn its seedy underbelly its hard to take seriously........

Namco has really great rpgs they are publishing

ninokuni, graces F, abyss 3ds, this, xillia ( rumored)

and in japan its 1 developed rpg after another

juggulator2380d ago

Well with Namco behind the publishers seat there seems to be a possibility of a PS3 version. However that would mean Mass Effect2 all over again and its hard to tell if they want to go in that direction. GamesCon would be the perfect time to announce it since CD Projeckt is base in Poland so if it's not announced by then, there's likely no PS3 version. The wait continues...