Capcom Receives Lower BBB Rating

The Gamer's voices has been heard and Capcom is eating humble pie.

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vortis2379d ago

Ahahahaha....ahahaha....I can't stop laughing. It's like that bully who steals your launch money for "protection" and then you finally tell the principal on him and he's like "so what, maggot" and then the principal is all like, "well I'm lowering your grade because you're a douche"

Yi-Long2378d ago

... the way they have been nickel-and-diming their fans has been a complete disgrace!

LOGICWINS2378d ago

This is awesome! I'm filing a complaint later on today. Hope more people do the same.

ps360wiihdera2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Someone please list the misdeeds of capcom so everyone can see

vortis2378d ago


Dude, did you click the link and check out the links in the article? It's all there but if you want a list:

* more than 30% of SFxT's content is behind a pay wall

* hackers found out that the pay-wall is actually a really, really cheap hex-wall so it looks like Capcom stripped off the main game to re-sell to you later

* Asura's Wrath ending requires you to pay $7 to find out how it ends

* They advertised pair-play (sort of) but it wasn't in the Xbox 360 version but they didn't say anything until after the game released

* they lied about why pair-play wasn't in the Xbox 360 and changed the story a few times

* they refused to add pair-play in a patch and they won't add it to the PC version of SFxT but they're removing the on-disc DLC

* They disc-locked colors...dude...colors.

solidjun52378d ago

@vortis Man I was visibly furioius when I found out Scamcom had the nerve to create a DLC for the "true" ending of Asura Wrath. I was like "What?! are you serious?!" It's akin to finishing a book with a shitty ending only to pay for the "True ending" 4 months later. (note: I'm not saying Asura's wrath that a shitty ending)

I still think Crapcom most egregious act is the 'disc lock content' mess they pulled. I find it hilarious they would charge this and just to justify it. For example, Guy was in Super Street fighter 4, but we have to pay for him in Street fighter x tekken even thought they practically used the same engine? The way i see it, the next game they'll create have less characters and the rest, such as taking out one of the shotokan characters (akuma, ken) and adding them as disck lock content.

I hope crapscamcom gets what's comming to them.

Soldierone2378d ago

Lol I was done bothering with it after they pulled their resident evil crap. "Oh we didn't finish the multiplayer on time so it will be DLC" 1 Why not delay the game? 2 Oh it's not finished, yet the DLC was only like 10Kb and only unlocks content on the disc.....

lastdual2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I agree that Capcom has dug their own grave, but let's be realistic:

How many video game customers actually check the BBB rating of a publisher before buying a game?

I'm guessing that number is pretty low. A BBB downgrade is more of a symbolic slap than anything that will really effect Capcom's sales. Now if gamers were to actually ignore RE6 when it came out, that would send a real message. But how likely is that to happen?

Sagetech2378d ago

In addition to what Vortis said which was mainly SFxT related:

*The original Marvel vs Capcom 3 had Shuma Gorath and Jill locked on disc (albeit Jill missing an audio line or two)

*Within a year of releasing said Marvel vs Capcom 3 released Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which still didnt come with Jill and Shuma unlocked.

*Released Resident Evil The Mercenaries on 3ds as a full price release when it was just a port of the Mercenaries mode on PS3/360 Resident Evil 5 with additional content.

*Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition within two years.

On the Street Fighter point I'm well aware that capcom and many other fighting game companies have had this practice from ages ago but that was before high speed internet was available and updates werent practical but in this day and age that shouldnt be the case and you shouldnt be made to pay for simple game updates (I mean seriously you saw characters from SSF4 in SF4's intro -__- )

Soldierone2378d ago

@lastdual, the only way it will matter is if the news picks it up. However since this isn't about video games being violent or something similarly stupid, so that won't happen.

ChiVoLok02378d ago

Completely agree with everything you said and I also think a B is a bit high for Capcom at the moment.

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Simon_Brezhnev2378d ago

Best news i heard all year. LMFAO

SilentNegotiator2378d ago

B isn't low enough for Capcom.

Blackdeath_6632378d ago

totally agree, i hope this raises awarness to people. capcom has completely disregarded its fanbase on multiple occasions, usually i wouldn't give a s**t and just move on. but the only reason i care is because capcom is the company that made my favourite game of all time(DMC3) and i feel its just a waste that they are screwing them selves and the fans over like this.

SephirothX212378d ago

How dare these companies try to make money!! Everything must be free God dammit!! Only kidding but if company's make a small wrong move nowadays like putting a not so good ending at the end of their game, people go crazy. If those said people put as much energy into doing something productive as they do complaining, they might make something of themselves. Though they don't and therefore stay failures.

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Kamikaze1352378d ago

Good for them; they got what they deserve. I hope it goes even lower. I know not all of Capcom are responsible for it, but unless the higher ups begin to feel the pressure, nothing will change.

Darkieinthemist2378d ago

Aside from the 3 stupid posts here already, I need to point this out

"While the rating doesn't say a whole lot about Capcom,"

"While websites like IGN put us down for our sense of "entitlement", and people like Michael Pachter badgered us for our protests, it all amounted to something tangible in the end, kind of. "

SO what the hell does this even matter for?

Ninver2378d ago

Quick! get out your pitch forks and light your torches. I smell a Scamcom employee.

Regent_of_the_Mask2378d ago

BBB doesn't matter anyways. They can pay them again to get back a perfect rating anyways.

grailly2378d ago

I've never heard of BBB before, what do they do?

soundslike2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

BBB rates businesses based on how much money they pay them.

Its a scam. Its been proven a scam time and time again yet idiots still put their faith in it.

grailly2378d ago

I read up a bit on BBB, it looks like they have no power, it's basically companies paying for a label to paste on their products...
also it's only for the states. I guess this doesn't change anything, so stop being proud, people.

Megaton2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Yup, my dad worked for BBB for awhile. It's meaningless. All they do is get companies to pay them to be rated by the BBB, so they can flaunt it around as some kind of badge of honor. I was surprised to see how much emphasis people around here put on their ratings. It's a dying racket. My dad had said that most small businesses they targeted didn't even know what the BBB was.

grailly2378d ago

People don't put emphasis on the BBB it's just that they want it to be hurting capcom so badly so they make it up to be an important corporation lol. I guess most didn't even know about the BBB before; my brother who has a masters degree in international business development never heard of it...

specialguest2378d ago

Aside from the BBB scam, even if they get a grade of an F, who actually reviews Capcom or any game company's BBB score before buying a game? I think it's unfortunately irrelevant when it comes to the purchase of games.

humbleopinion2378d ago

Exactly, nobody even heard about BBB nor do people pay them attention. This seems like another yet website seeking from hits running a crusade against a gaming company: in this case CinemaBlend even publicly admits they're on a crusade against Capcom.

As for the BBB itself, just for comparison:
Ubisoft hold a rank of A++ although there are 74 complaints against it compared to Capcom's 42. And remember it's ubisoft we're talking about with they're always-on DRM and previously the shoddy Starforce DRM...

Sony Computer Entertainment on the other hand holds a rating of F:

And before you say "well SCE had the YLOD and the network breach user leak fiasco", one should remember that The Xbox business had the even bigger RROD fiasco while they still retain a rating of A+:

So yeah... BBB ratings. That makes sense.

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Mirrikh2378d ago

With DLC publishers have found a way of charging an extra £20 chopping up there games. Some don't because of integrity others would stab you in the face for an extra £10. Capcom are standing in the carnage blood on their hands, clasping their face stabbing screwdriver proudly above their head, screeching 'YOU ENTITLED WHINERS, WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME!'

The extra characters in SFXT would've been available to unlock by gaming ten years ago. I can't understand how they can say they didn't have time to finish pair play on the 360 when they had time to finish and get the DLC on the disc. Maybe more people would buy your game if it had double the characters the first time around.

These tactics are hurting gamers, they aren't to combat piracy, sales of good games are higher than ever, they're trying to gouge us and the force they're using is getting ridiculous.

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