Is this why Kinect Star Wars sold 350,000 in its first week?

Kinect Star Wars has sold very well in its first week on sale, but why the popularity for a game that's been regarded as under par?

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NukaCola2472d ago

Under par? This game sucks ass. I have no clue why it sells so well. Probably because its target audience doesnt know anything about the game other than commercials and have never seen a review. This game is udder trash and it's a shame, because the Star Wars 360 console is by far one of the coolest mods I have ever seen. Should of forgot about this and got something more hardcore like Battlefront 3 or something. Could of went the noncasual route to be honest.

Rainstorm812472d ago

I have absolutely no interest in Kinect Star Wars, but i want that R2-D2 360 badly!!

bunt-custardly2472d ago

This is the real reason the game sold 350K in its first week.

decrypt2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Its of to a good start because MS understands the needs of the console gamers. Also MS understands the age group that buys consoles.

The kids got bored of Wii mote, Sony just copies it and gives them more of it. MS dumbs it down further the kids enjoy the new gimmick.

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RaidensRising2472d ago

"350,000" is all due to massive amounts of advertising from Microsoft.....

360GamerFG2472d ago

You say that like advertising your product is a bad thing.

SilentNegotiator2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

No, but it has approximately zero word of mouth power, considering its faulty controls (as discussed by 99% of reviews).

Take away the massive ad campaign and this sub par game wouldn't get anywhere. The same cannot be said of many games.

Biggest2472d ago

"You say that like advertising your product is a bad thing."

No he didn't. He just said it. You and I know that it is a "bad" thing in this instance, but he didn't say it that way. The game blows. Advertising is the reason people are buying it. Simple.

blue7_72471d ago

@biggest or maybe their are actually people who find it fun. I know I know most people on N4G are to dumb to realize their are people out their who's opinion is different then theirs I know right hard to believe. It's like people who say Kinect is crap yet it has sold many millions so obviously their are people who find it fun.

bunt-custardly2472d ago

I read somewhere that this is a sale and no return game. Not sure how that works out but from what I've read, out of all the kinect games this one is more desirable to keep.

I do wonder how much money has been invested in KSW all things considered and whether it reaches 1 million sales it will make a profit or not.

Could we even see a Kinect Star Wars 2 in a year's time if it does do well?

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ShadesMoolah2472d ago

350,000 is more than I expected for this to be honest

gamer78042472d ago

Because there is a stark difference between whether a game is a critical success and whether a game is just fun and succeeds commercially.

Many movies that the critics have loved, i have not, and vice versa.

Same applies here.

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The story is too old to be commented.