Four High Profile Games In Danger Of Becoming Vaporware

GP: "There are a lot of awesome games coming out in the near future, not to mention plenty of promising games coming out in the far off future as well. But then there are the games that don't have any release dates; the games that just might never see a release despite all of the updates from developers and press releases.

The common name for these sorts of games is vaporware. A product that never releases, but also never really gets canceled. A popular example of a vaporware game used to be Duke Nukem Forever, until it finally released to less than stellar reviews over twelve years after it was originally announced. Join me as I list off games that just might become vaporware... Hopefully not though."

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stonecold32403d ago

good list what about the agent the getaway 3 eyeidentify and eightdays as far as we know final fanatsy vs 13 will be running on ps3 hardware in the coming mnths . as for the last guardian i would say the project must be close to finish now if not it might be a 2013 release. same goes for final fanatsy vs 13. i just hope sony end up finishing those other games i metioned above

lastdual2403d ago

Yeah, I would probably rank Agent above Half Life 3 right now. While Valve is certainly taking their time, I don't see them leaving the series hanging forever.

HebrewHammer2403d ago

This list is severely lacking AGENT by Rockstar Games...

TrendyGamers2403d ago

Hopefully we see The Last Guardian next year.

GamePodunk2403d ago

Yeah, I'm really hoping that this will be the year that it will finally release.

byeGollum2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

the last guardian will probably release towards the end of the PlayStation(3)'s life cycle

theeg2403d ago

the last guardian will probably just move over to the orbis along with ffxii vs and agent.....they will look WAY better in 1080p at 60 frames with proper anti aliasing anyway!

yewles12403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Why put TLG there?

If it ever dies, it'll go public, plan and simple.

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