The Witcher 2 - a game every console owner needs to play

With the game releasing next week in the UK, the recommendations are coming in thick and fast including this one which suggests it's a must have game for console owners.

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Sanetoshi2405d ago

The first Witcher never really interested me, but everyone I know who's played Witcher 2 thinks it is the bees knees, and so I'll probably give the console version a try once I have the cash for it.

MaxXAttaxX2405d ago

Already played it on PC. It was.... good, great even.
But it's not for every taste. So not every console gamer "needs" to play it.

BrutallyBlunt2405d ago


Can you name 1 game everyone "needs" to play? There is no game everyone has played so your answer can also be refuted if I want but why would I which goes to show how your reply here was a complete waste of time.

"I could write an article about how a two generation old system like the PS1 "SAVED" me from buying an Xbox 360."

Now it all makes sense, another N4G member with nothing better to do than to try and discredit any advantage the XBOX 360 may have over other consoles. Some may argue every console gamer needs to play Uncharted or Zelda, which I too would agree with, so way to take things completely out of context.

How about we on N4G try and act like gamers and not crusaders who obviously have a huge bias.

DragonKnight2404d ago

@LevelHead: Judging by both comments, I'd say you have more of a bias than NathanExplosion. He didn't mention anything about which console he owns, nor put it down in any way, and here you are rushing to the 360's defense. However, this is how you talk about the 360. Perhaps you wouldn't feel the need to rush to its defense so much if it had more of its own exclusives to talk about instead of letting the 3rd party developers carry it every year. You should be glad you're getting Witcher 2 as a 3rd party exclusive since it's about the only way the 360 will even get exclusives anymore.

Maybe next time you'll think with your username, a level head, when you reply to a comment that had no insults or trash talk about what appears to be your console of choice in it. NathanExplosion complimented the game, but that wasn't enough for you because he added "it's not for everyone" which it won't be. That's a true statement about the game and the genre, not the console on which it is appearing. FPS' aren't for everyone either, so if he said "Halo 4 isn't for everyone" he'd be right. Same with any game of any genre. You can't please everyone and no one should tell you what you "need" to play.

Drake1172404d ago

Lol gotta love n4g. Nathans simple, truthful, and unbiased comment some how turns into a fanboy war between 2 users and their system of choice.

BrutallyBlunt2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Oh please, the guy is a stealth troll and you know it. All one needs to do is look through his post history.

This place is a haven for Sony fanboys, you know it, i know it, and now everyone who didn't know it now knows it.

As for me I'm a PC gamer first and foremost and this game would be a great addition to ANY console. Now about your comment about the lack of exclusives for the XBOX 360, this is true. Unless you like Kinect it is obvious Microsoft cares more about selling Live subscriptions and not wanting to invest in it's own games. People like Peter Molyneux are leaving and the reason is simple, it's the same reason Bungie left. Microsoft is a big corporation who wants to take as little risks as possible with the most returns. That is why most of my support goes to the smaller indie developers.

Anything else you guys want to pigeon-hole me into just because i call you guys out? Here's the most level-headed response anyone can make, if you are interested in an article then by all means comment on it. Otherwise get lost and leave the discussions to those who are interested. NathanExplosion is more worried about promoting Sony products than anything else and the real reason he came here is because so far this game is not coming to the Playstation 3 which is why he will downplay the game coming to the XBOX 360.


Want to see something totally hypocritical? Here's an earlier comment you made:

"What a surprise, the media is comparing a new game to an "old" game. And what a surprise again it's Forza vs. Gran Turismo.

Looks like there are so many who want Gran Turismo to go down in flames really hard, no one is allowed to put down Forza. Watch all the comments that says anything negative about Forza be marked for trolling or immature or something like that.

Gaming journalism sucks all around, but this B.S. of Forza vs. GT is not something I look forward to seeing for the next month or 3, and you know it'll just be all over the place now. *sigh*"

Funny getting lectures from someone like you who is far more biased than me. Going through your post history shows a clear pattern, you're determination to tell everyone how the XBOX 360 has no real exclusives and even the ones that it does nobody can say anything negative about because according to you it's trolling. Where do you people come from?

DragonKnight2404d ago

@LevelHead: Hahahahaha. I always have to laugh at "comment history researchers" like you. The thought of a person making a contextual based, in the moment, comment is completely alien to you. Simply put, people like you always believe there is an "agenda" that comment histories someone how uncover. I say what I say based on the context of the article or comments in the article. Has nothing to do with an agenda to make the 360 look bad (and why are you once again coming to its defense so much? is it the parent of your children or something?).

What's funny about the comment you chose (even though I've said far worse you could have used) is that it's still appropriate to that article. It was a clear bash against GT5 for being "old" in comparison to Forza 4 which was new. Nothing I said was false, it was all appropriate to what was going on. Also, given the fact that in my house right now are all of this gen's consoles (you know, Wii/PS3/360), I pretty much can say whatever the hell I want about them and actually have some experience to back up what I'm saying.

Stating the truth is an absolute. Has nothing to do with any kind of determination. The 360's list of exclusive, first party content can be counted on one hand. That is a fact. The 3rd party development studios are carrying the system. That is a fact. And I think you meant to say no one can say anything negative about PS3 exclusives right? Again, learn about contextual commenting. For one, the 360 has enjoyed massive media protection, which is a complete fact that anyone can see by opening their eyes and using google. Since that protection has come into play, and using the comment you cited as example, Sony as a developer and their first party games have come under immense fire. Alleged mistakes that are present in Sony games are mercilessly attacked whilst the same mistakes in a 360 game are given a pass. Flying cars in Forza 3 is ok enough to give the game such a high score, but 200 premium cars in GT5 is a complete travesty right? I'm stating facts here. Things that are documented and easy to find. If you don't like the facts, that's your problem but it doesn't change that they are FACTS. You can call it an agenda if you want, but I would gain nothing from such an endeavor. And seeing as how you took the time to search through my comment history in a foolish attempt to bolster your own words, I'd say you're the one more inclined and with more time to actually have an agenda to push.

Gamer30002404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

what advantage that xbox have over any one with this game ????
i'm pc/ps3 and i own the game why in the blue hell would i buyt xbox for a multiplat game ???
and what makes NathanExplosion a fanboy ??
you want to see a fanboy comment
look at this and look at the agrees
from StraightPath:
"Witcher 2 getting great reviews. Xbox 360 players are in for a really nice treat with 91% metacritic thus far

meanwhile ps3 players are sadly left alone :/

the graphics are ATONISHING THE XBOX 360 IS A BEAST! still up there after all those years and still pulling graphics like that? "

if any thing you are the basied one
and i'm sure you are one of those
who agree with him

MaxXAttaxX2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

You took a quote from a comment I made on a previous article completely out of context.

You didn't even bother to read the article, did you.
You only searched through my comments trying to find something incriminating.

""PS1 saved me from buying a 360"" was an example I used to respond to the ridiculous statement from the CNET article saying how a GameBoy saved them from a PS Vita. It was pure non sense.
Nice try though.

You're one of those people that claim that this site is run by PS3 fanboys to hide the fact that there's at least an equal amount of people like you and others who are anti-Sony/pro-others.

It's an article from talking about "every console owner" despite knowing better. AND the PS3 was tagged in this article.
This whole set-up is just fishing moments like this.

BrutallyBlunt2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Oh, so now I'm anti-Sony. What's next, I'm anti-American or anti-Japanese? I'm interested in games and enjoy them, that's it. I can enjoy games like Angry Birds or Mario Galaxy or Uncharted or Forza. I don't see the need nor the desire to tell everyone how this system is being run on 3rd party support. People will buy what THEY want to buy. We don't need kids trolling every article because they don't like casual gaming on handheld devices or think Kinect is ruining the industry.

The problem i see is quite a large one and that is a group of people who still focus too much of their attention on the brand of the platform holder. This bias exudes to the point of lopsided affairs where they treat every article as an amalgamation of the system it's on.

You quickly see the patterns in people like NathanExplosion, his latest comments are about Uncharted and how he feels it's being treated unfairly. Would he do the same about Forza 4? Probably not. It's this attitude that is wrecking game forums because there is an underlying tone of resentment to stakeholders such as Microsoft or Sony or Electronic Arts or whomever. So instead of basing a product on its own merits they see it under the umbrella of those corporations.

As for me i have nothing to hide, you will see that i very much enjoy my Playstation 3, i just don't care for the kids who need to tell everyone how Sony are the only ones who care. The N4G site is unfairly represented to begin with since the majority of it's users seem to fall under the Sony camp.

Look at the activity on the PS3 forums for example. So to suggest there are just as many anti-Sony people is a complete fabrication. You have idiots on all sides who parade about how this system is better than that system, but if we take into account how many more PS3 users there are within N4G, it's simple math why this site totally favours one product over the other. That doesn't mean the PS3 is better than the PC or is better than the XBOX 360, it just means for whatever reason the community is far more active which trickles down into the articles. That's why the XBOX 360 articles get the most flack, it's because the PS3 has been branded as the competing force against the XBOX 360. This needs to stop because both products have been successful in their own ways. Both systems continue to share most of the same software too, so why is there so much internal fighting between the two groups? They can and will continue to co-exists whether you like it or not. Who would have thought the XBOX 360 would be going on 7 years now? Both companies will come out with their next systems within the next few years (or less) and i imagine we will continue to see this feud fuelled by ignorant, immature so called gamers who will once again try and persuade others to think like they think. Thankfully the majority of us are still able to think on our own and know that game forums don't actually represent reality.

MaxXAttaxX2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I said people like you(insane ranters trying to be righteous) AND others (anti-Sony or pro-other).

And AGAIN with the forums? It seems like that is the only ammo you people have. Maybe people on the PS3 forums have more to talk about? Ever thought of that?
There's nothing stopping Xbox 360 fans from discussing anything on their forums.
Now, you can take that as a fanboy statement if you want, I could care less. But as I said before, the comments sections and articles themselves have an equal amount of fanboyism.

And why do you keep bringing up Forza?
I remember articles about Forza 3's Ultimate Edition which caused a bit of an uproar.
And on THIS site, genuine 360 owners and Forza fans were marked as trolling for simply voicing their concerns. It's like they weren't allowed.

So cut that bullsh*t!

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ShadesMoolah2405d ago

Never played the original, but am certainly looking forward to this. Everything I've seen looks incredibly slick, it basically looks like what I always wanted Fable to be.

Aggesan2405d ago

Tried both the first and second game on pc. Found both of them quite dull.

MySwordIsHeavenly2405d ago

It's not one of those games that EVERYONE is going to like. Don't expect Skyrim's level of ease and friendliness if you are new to the series.

That being said, play it with an open mind and a love for story. You won't regret it.

vikingland12405d ago

I really like story driven games. I've heard that this is one of those types of games. Only 3 days untill I get to find out for myself YA HOO!!!

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