Pluggedin: Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Pluggedin: Go to your local game store and you can find quite a few creepy video game worlds to explore. But since 1999, the various gamemakers behind the Silent Hill series have worked hard to make sure that their version of creepy earns a very clear set of italics. And get bolded, too.

When you enter the virtual burg at this franchise's core, you find much more than just a dilapidated ghost town full of black shadows and ghoulies ripe for a shotgun splattering. The ghoulies are there, sure, but they're wrapped in a fever-dream that tugs you back and forth between a crumbling, grungy real world and madly delusional netherworlds. The latest game to embrace the resulting demons? Silent Hill: Downpour, the eighth title in the series.

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