ANNCast: LUNAR, Bomberman and classic JRPG memories with former heads of Working Designs and Hudson

Anime News Network talks everything from classic JRPG titles and retro gaming memories in a podcast interview with Victor Ireland (Gaijinworks/Working Designs) and John Greiner (MonkeyPaw Games/Hudson Entertainment). Also featured is news on upcoming JRPGs by the companies, including the possibility of LUNAR making a triumphant return. The near two-hour podcast also focuses on their collaborative Kickstarter and the states of JRPGs.

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almehdaaol2379d ago

Thanks for sharing. So many classic memories of LUNAR I had when I was a kid. I remember those crazy super editions of Working Designs' games. I also put down money for their current Kickstarter for Class of Heroes 2 and hope it funds.