Iwata: Nintendo DS Wi-Fi expansion due in 2008

Nintendic reports: When the President of Nintendo over in Japan speaks, the world listens, and 48-year-old Satoru Iwata has just held a very open interview in which he talks about the company as a whole, Wii, Nintendo DS and various other subjects, including that of the online Wi-Fi Connection that has already been a massive success.

Thanks to the advent of both the Nintendo DS and Wii, the former bringing gaming otaku out-doors and the latter bringing families together and off the sofa, encouraging them to be more active, the image of games rotting the mind and body has been significantly altered. That is largely thanks to the sterling efforts of Satoru Iwata-san, who many believe 'saved' Nintendo after Hiroshi Yamauchi stepped down. Iwata states that he believes both platforms have been so successful due to the aim of expanding the target audience over the past few years, following the decline in traditional gamers. According to Iwata, the reason for the decline was due to negative images being portrayed of gaming, with people beginning to feel it impacted on study and helped increase crime. Therefore, Nintendo's main objective was to start changing that with the DS's style. It also helped that user feedback helped Nintendo design the DS to make it more like what people really wanted, in other words something that was not too hard to use and was not too time consuming. This does not mean Nintendo is now resting on its laurels, though, with Iwata stating that the Kyoto Company is currently beavering away, trying to think how it could possibly out-do the DS and Wii.

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