The Saddest Moments in Gaming | Has a game ever made you cry? Tear up? Get sad? These games include the most heart wrenching scenes that tug at our emotions and bring us to our knees. Take a trip with Leviathyn as we revisit some of these and grab some Kleenex.

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justpassinggas2432d ago

I guess for a game to qualify as having a "saddest" moment, it has to be made starting with the Playstation 1 era, right?

None of these games compare to Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the US). That game made me bawl like crazy so many times, it's not even funny.

Celes' suicide scene, Setzer's reminiscing about his past, the entire backstory of Terra/Tina, the backstory of Shadow...manly tears dammit!

Fatty2432d ago

Cyan watching his wife and child leave on the Phantom Train... holy crap, tears flowed hard on that one.

Conzul2432d ago

I've never shed tears during a game, but inFamous 2's evil ending probably brought me the closest.

kma2k2432d ago

Oh man i really didnt want to kill Zeke, i just kinda sat there & really really didnt want to!

fallacious2432d ago

You should play Red Dead Redemption till the end, first game that nearly made me cry.

kma2k2432d ago

Gears Spoiler but Dom dying made affected me a lot more so then his wife dying! I shed a tear for dom!

no_more_heroes2432d ago

I didn't cry at that part at all, because the whole time I was expecting him to come back somehow. I was fully convinced. Then the game finishes and it seems he really is dead. I felt... weird. I fell for that trick in Mission Impossible 3 and I wasn't gonna let THAT happen again. Guess the joke was still on me.

Hayakuzima2432d ago

I'm a complete wuss.
I cried at MGS4, and I agree with above, Dom dying was so damn sad.
I cried at Mass Effect 3, Bioshock, Uncharted, the list goes on.

no_more_heroes2432d ago

Lost Odyssey, at the end of the dream sequences that you read (ESPECIALLY Hanna's Departure and Letters from a Weakling), when either or both of the first half of the "Parting Forever" or "A Sign of Hope" piano tracks plays. That was what I was especially referring to with my last comment on LO's soundtrack. Absolutely beautiful piano pieces.

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The story is too old to be commented.