Yes Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz Is Entirely Free To Play

Chris writes: "While the developers could have been up front with how the game works, I really doubt there is an “intentional ploy to get players to spend money on this “free” game.” If you have ever played a game on Facebook there should be nothing tricky about anything they are trying to do."

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bubwright2379d ago

incorrect title, its not entirely free, you get 5 lives before you have to pay to get more turns...

joeorc2379d ago

"incorrect title, its not entirely free, you get 5 lives before you have to pay to get more turns."

did you exit the game an wait 10 min's?

because you can go back into the game an you get 5 more lives! it will keep doing that you just have to wait between life restorations.

try it your self!

sarshelyam2379d ago

I'm guessing anyone who can't see that has a gaming problem. I mean seriously, it was free...and when you step away, wait, you come back to a full stock of lives again.

Furthermore, you can spend in-game currency you earn through combos, again working around real-world dollars you would otherwise option to spend.

That said, exiting or just putting it down for a spell shouldn't be an issue. Not like you can get mad at a game that didn't cost you a single penny.

sarshelyam2379d ago

I've been having a blast with this and have no problem with the business model it presents.

I have plenty of games to keep me busy, so coming back to this in short increments means I'm always with lives, free to enjoy a game that cost me nothing.

I think it's an excellent and untapped market for dedicated portable gaming devices and I salute Alawar for delivering it.

xX-Jak-Xx2379d ago

great game i scored more than 100000 last night ^^