Red PlayStation 3 Slim 320GB console hits UK


Sony UK told Eurogamer this afternoon retailers received the go ahead to list the red PS3 yesterday, and so it should pop up in other shops at their convenience.

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ATi_Elite2432d ago

Why does it take them so dang long to release other colors and special units?


I just got my 2nd PS3 I might have to buy a 3rd.

Series_IIa2432d ago

Give me 250 notes and I'll coach paint your 2nd

rezzah2432d ago

Before you act know that you can only have 2 active accounts.

Used to be 5 but they reduced it.

If you don't care about having everything on one account then you are good to go.

kreate2432d ago

U can have ur account on all the ps3. Just not activated on all of them at the same time.

rezzah2432d ago

You guys who disagree know that we are allowed only 2 active account right?

kreate2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

i didnt press on the disagree but yea we got it. thanks for the info.

EDIT: u should also mention that it only affects games that are bought after Nov 18,2011.

it doesnt affect the games that were bought prior to that

so for the most part, i think ur still good to activate on more than 2 PS3 unless all ur games were bought after that date

rezzah2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

It doesn't matter if you did or did not, because you are right.

And your information is more informative than mine.


Also my comment was meant for those who disagreed, not you specifically since i never saw your comment while typing my reply.

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Fel082432d ago

That looks sexy. I like it.

NeloAnjelo2432d ago

Too late. I already own a launch model 60gb and a slim 250gb... Why do they wait so long to release these? I wanted a white and a black model...

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