Sorcery: PAX East 12: Fairy Forest Walkthrough

GT writes: "We battle Silphs, quick and nimble enemies that live in the Fairy Forest, in this video of Sorcery at PAX East 2012."

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r212378d ago

honestly i was really concerned that the game was going to be too easy but based on this video, it actually looks quite challenging. also great move implementation especially that potion making section. there was also some frame drops but only slightly. i am hyped for this game :D

Toman852378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Why must all games from Sony not have issues while other plattform have that all the time and not getting talked about?
Even FEZ that has been in development for 3-5 years have framerate issues from hell. That is bullshit, arcade games shall not have that type of issues

But this game shapes up to be good :)
I agree with him under me, Kinect is only onrails and full of issues. Have Kinect so I know what issues I have!

r212378d ago

not that i was making fun of the game, just noticing some problems it may face. it was only small short drops though.

Lilioups2378d ago

this game makes all kinect games combined looking like a child.

sorcery for the win
reason to buy the move

b_one2378d ago

Harry "NoLogo" Potter

but still game looks ok, hope it has some puzzles etc

Biggest2378d ago

A little reading goes a long way. Puzzles have been verified by the developers since the beginning.

b_one2378d ago

yeah right but what kind of puzzles - harder or "spot shapes" for 3 y/o kids... i was thinking about

Adolph Fitler2378d ago

Looks highly repetative to me. I wanted the game to be great & get some solid gaming for my Move gimmicks, but I'm un-happy to say that every bit of footage I've seen of the game are long drawn out section entailing battling a bunch of enemies over a 15minute period, when they should be dispatched in 2-3 minutes tops, so I can get on with some real gameplay in clever exploration due to awesome level design, & also some wicked puzzles, traps & other such fun gameplay elements that make the game interesting, instead of me thinking, "damn, when is this gonna end, so I can experience some truly clever & awesome game design".

Omar912378d ago

I guess I should of never sold my ps move... Completely forgot about this game