Killing The Used Game Market, The Right Way

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

What if I told you there was a way to greatly reduce used game sales without hurting gamers, console manufactures, retailers, or the publishers? You’d probably think I was crazy, well, you could be correct—but I’m confident that if implemented this plan would do all those things and more. Do I have your attention, okay here’s what needs to happen.

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Smashbro292378d ago

I don't want physical phased out. It's just a better option. You actually own a disc as opposed to letting Sony/MS/Nintendo have you by the balls for the rest of your life.

ginsunuva2378d ago

I remember stores get mad if publishers sell digital versions for much cheaper, from the Vita's pricing, but if they can stop whining, it might all be perfect

catfrog2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

so let me get this straight, publishers want more money and they think they can accomplish this by stopping used sales, so your marvelous plan to get publishers more money is by having them sell their games at a cheaper price?

im not sure how you think them selling at a lower price will help increase their revenue, but ya, good luck with having publishers drop their game prices by 25%, that doesnt help them at all with their problem, it just changes the source of the problem.

also, will games that cost customers more bandwidth cut their price by 4-5$ for the cost of bandwidth incurred by the consumer? lots of ps3 games this gen have already been 50gb, 50gb is enough to put many people over what their providers allow them. if games are already getting to be 50gb this gen it could be the norm next gen. that means cutting cost down from $60 to $40, 1/3rd of the price for the same game. do you really believe producers will be on board with that? not very likely...

but if games did go digital distrobution, it would make sense (for consumers) to buy direct from publishers. later buying licenses for platforms of your choice, such as buying a game for 50$ from a publisher and getting the pc version, and later if you wanted to have it on ps3, steam, wii or xbox you could pay only the licensing fee for that platform instead of buying the entire game again.

theeg2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )


those "50gb" ps3 games were bloated with crap

why were they still the same 720p or less sub-hd, jaggie covered low res. choppy framerate, muddy graphics for a whole whopping 15 hours of gameplay like every other 360/ps3 game and a game like the witcher 2 is only 10 gb and looks 5x better than any game on ps3 or 360 ??

(yes i know the witcher 2 is coming to 360 but it is, again, another 720p or less sub-hd, jaggie covered low res. choppy framerate, muddy graphics)

and think about it dude, you trade your game to gamestop, lets say gears of war 1, its a hot game, just came out two weeks ago, but you beat and your done, it's 2006, you sell it to gamestop, a kid buys it that day used, your copy, thats 1 lost sale, he beats it in 4 days and goes in to trade it for the next "hot game", lost sale number two, this goes on for YEARS. We are talking possibly 20-100 lost sales from your one used game, literally.

You bet your ass if used games were gone, devs and pubs could sell their games for 25% less, hell, they could sell their games for 50% less. Thats why console games have no legs, no shelf life, devs and pubs need to sell a million copies in the first week, after that the market is FLOODED with used copies and theres no need to buy shit from the people who made it, just let the assholes at gamestop keep selling the same shit over and over for ridiculous profit.

sorry, i feel bad for all the 20 something basement dwellers that will have to move onto starbucks or folding clothes at the gap, but when gamestop closes (and that is going to be soon), no one will care!

how bad to you feel about sound warehouse closing, repeat the beat, sam goody, media play ect.......thats gamestops future, used games are going the way of the dodo

f' that bird!

yes, games could be $29.99 brand new AAA games

slaton242378d ago

I think they need to price the games like this skyrim $60 sport games $40 and regular games just to play $50...i mean why would they sale crappy games for $60 duke nukem sucked this gen and it was $60 it should have been 40 starting off