TERA Wraps Up Closed Beta, Provides Lots of Numbers

TERA‘s closed beta ended last weekend, while next week marks the beginning of the open beta, and En Masse Entertainment provided some statistics to give a glimpse on the scope of the event.

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Giru0172431d ago

Odd, in all the 5 CBT's, I saw Elins as the most played race by quite a large margin, with the Aman being the clear least-used race.

ATi_Elite2431d ago

Can you please give me you honest opinion of TERA!

your likes dislikes and how it compares to other MMO's you have played. You can PM and write a Novel if you want!

I'm really looking forward to Tera and just want a gamers thoughts about it.


a08andan2431d ago

I did participate in the closed beta, and I am stunned. I did not know much about TERA upfront, but it was incredible. The graphics are AMAZING, never seen such detail and gorgeous color, animations etc in an MMO.

And the combat. OMG. Finally someone dares to leave the utterly boring hotkey (1,2,3,4) mapping where u must have ur target "marked". You aim with the mouse and u can miss. You also have to move around a lot more than in any other MMO I've tried. You simply cant stand still on bosses because u will die.

My first impression of the game is "Pure awesomeness". I wish, for the sake of gaming and innovation, that TERA gets huge support from gamers. So far, SO VERY F****** GOOD :D

Giru0172431d ago

I'm a little torn in how I feel. The thing is, it stacks up GREAT against other MMO's. The combat is way better, the graphics are drop-dead gorgeous, the world is beautiful and huge and the game feels, in general, very polished. There's no smoke and mirrors here: if you look at a gameplay video, what you see is what you get. The dungeons and specially the bosses are a treat.

Now, for the bad part (and this may simply be a personal thing), but for me, it's just to grind-y. Too many "quests" were of the KILL 10 OF THESE, KILL 5 OF THESE, KILL 10 *ANGRY* OF THESE AGAIN, GO OVER HERE, NOW KILL 10 *UNCHAINED* OF THESE and the world felt pretty devoid of life despite being so big. I mean, I could explore and go to places, but save for some material rock to salvage, there was not much to do.

Overall, I started having fun once I hit lvl 30, but the main issues still stood, it's just that dungeons became more regular/longer between all the instances. Would I buy it? It depends on how many of my friends would buy it. See, playing it alone or with randoms is no fun, and ad-hoc groups are a plague more than help, since grind10X quests means only the person who got the first hit in gets the rewards. If you like MMO's, go for it, it's currently the best one out there. If you dislike them, it's not gonna change your mind too much, despite the RADICALLY improved combat from other MMO's.

Having been in the previous GW2 beta, I'm liking the feel of that game more, however, the world isn't as pretty as TERA's and the skills don't quite feel as "heroic". This may sound like a lame and aesthetic complain, but it's [for me] very valid. However, at no sub fee, GW2 is a must buy, since there's simply no downside to it. As for TERA, I'll wait and see how many friends buy it and for reports to come in on how (and how much) the endgame is.