Journey OST is a Top 10 Seller in Over 20 Countries - "Remember in our Journey review when I said that this was one of the all-time great game scores? Apparently a lot of people agree."

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Relientk772404d ago

Wow thats pretty impressive, was not expecting this lol

GribbleGrunger2404d ago

not something i would invest in but clearly welcomed by others. more games like this please... and where the hell is that flower!?

ginsunuva2404d ago

Oh the flower is somewhere in the desert. I don't remember exactly where, but there's some sand next to it. So just look for the sand in the desert.

himdeel2404d ago

Ginsunuva really?! "So just look for the sand in the desert." That's just mean!

GribbleGrunger2404d ago

well that narrows it down. thanks

Dragunov2402d ago

The flower its somewhere at the right of your starting point. Go right, look where flying carpets go, they usually go near the closest interesting place like gliphs, etc...