Used Games and the Next-Gen Consoles - Growing Pains

"As rumors about the next-gen consoles begin to roll out, one particular bullet point that is catching everyone's eye is that both the PS4 and Xbox 720 are said to have technology that will prevent used games from being played."

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Saryk2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Stopping a used game from being played is only going to hurt the manufacturer. I am a PC only guy and most PC gamers can afford to buy a ton of games because of competition.So what we spend in hardware is made up for in software.

Console gamers are not in the same category. One of the most said things by consolers is that PC hardware is too expensive.The next thing is that they can sell or trade in their used games to help pay for the next one.

What will happen is that game sales will either be lower or companies will need to decrease the price of their games to push them through the door. So the developer will lose either way...............

slayorofgods2383d ago

I'm sure not looking forward to the next generation of console gaming... I know there are people that label game stop the devil, and think that something like game-fly is a o.k. casualty in collateral damage... But, for as evil as game stop may be, there is a reason why they make the money they do. Whether people want to admit it or not, the second hand / rental market is / has been a huge part of the overall gamer experience... You might pay 60 dollars for a game but you know you can get trade in value, you might not be able to afford new games but at least you know you can pick up a used game, there might be a bunch of new games coming out soon and you can only afford one but at least you can sign up for gamefly, ect.....

Well, at least the pc market looks bright.

SilentNegotiator2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

They COULD lower prices and meet equilibrium price (If people are willing to pay $5 for a scratched up copy, there's a considerable chance that they're not hitting the equilibrium), but CEOs are stuck so far up their rears, they'd probably never even consider it.

house2382d ago

thats the only way i can see it working and thats to at least cut it to 40 bucks.. but like you said it most likely wont happen

SilentNegotiator2382d ago

*willing to pay $5 LESS, I mean

PopRocks3592382d ago

I'm a big gamer. I like consoles and games I can get on my dated computer (when they run properly as well).

I will NOT buy a console that won't let me play used games on it. No amount of Halo or Uncharted can sway me in that regard.

At the very least I'm aware no such rumor was stated for Wii U, so that console's safe. I may wind up just going with Wii U and PC in that case.