Microsoft Studios Xbox Kinect art director: 360 console in 'twilight of its years'

Microsoft Xbox Art Director Brian Moore said Wednesday evening that the Xbox 360 console was in the “twilight of its years.”

Moore spoke at a Washington Technology Industry Association event at Synapse Product Development in downtown Seattle. Moore was the art director for two Xbox Kinect games for children, "Kinectimals" and "Kinect Disneyland Adventures," and spent much of the evening discussing how the Microsoft team worked with British company Frontier to build the games before they even had a Kinect to work with.

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Chuk52405d ago

In other news, pizza is edible.

CommonSense2404d ago

oh yeah? ever order papa johns?

Soldierone2404d ago

No, they are not there yet. :P

pixelsword2403d ago

I think you mean "Little Caesar's".

360GamerFG2404d ago

Now you're just making things up! Edible pizza! Pah!

Bereaver2404d ago

Kinect is not the "twilight of its years"

No one working on the movie twilight claimed it would be for the hardcore vampire audience did they?

But how many times did they say that kinect would be? It's a good thing I bought kinect for my girlfriend and not for me.

cstyle2404d ago

"It's a good thing I bought kinect for my girlfriend and not for me."

Yea sure you

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theeg2404d ago

lol....the "twilight" was in 2009, it's in the rest home now, the stretchers are at the door, the bedpans are full, that rotten diaper scent is filling the air!

The time for new consoles was 2010-2011, now its just a regurgitation cycle.

360GamerFG2404d ago

Which makes it so sad and funny how it is single handedly making more profit for Microsoft than PSP, ps2, ps3 and VITA combined. 1.3 billion last fiscal year was it?

DebateMaster2404d ago

yeah cuz the ps3 totally got mentioned in this and you get a cut of the profits right? what's sad and funny is how fanboys now use profits when games and sales are against them

theeg2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )


why do you care about profit, how has their "profit" benifited you exactly?

is xbox live free now because they have done so well, are there 30 AAA exclusives a year, did they send you a free kitten?

SCREW their profit, and if you honestly think they are back even after the red ring of death 54% failure rate for 3 years, 10's of millions of free consoles and having to warranty for 3 years....

that is probably the Number 1 factor in ther still being no console yet.

the ps3 is the same thing, it's being milked to death, its time to move on, if they announce God of War 4 for the ps3 I'm going to cry a bit

i cannot believe people are not in the streets DEMANDING new consoles

720p looks like poo
screen tear
20-30 frames
long load times

thats last gen crap man!

_Aarix_2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )


Just go away, you and all the other petty ps3 fanboys do exactly this but on a massive scale of 10x. Youre not going to use that line of crap when its in our favor.

BuffMordecai2404d ago

Its so funny that you have to bring up sales because you have no games to play. Enjoy that Star Wars Kinect xbot.

Kahvipannu2403d ago


I don't know, SW:Kinect doesn't seem that great, looks good fun for kids.

I would recomend new Batman, ME, Skyrim, Witcher, or other good titles. Don't really know why you choose Kinect title...

pixelsword2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

@ theeg:

The PC is in the same boat, depending on the type of PC you have. You act like every PC can run Crysis at it's full-blown settings but they won't, and even in the next gen there will still be PC gamers that won't have a PC that will play as good as an X-Box 360 or PS3.


Why are you trying to whitewash what a Microsoft Executive said? I think he would know more so than others...

Gamer30002403d ago

not a single ps3 exclusive have a screen tearing or bad framerate or pop in or loading problems

just stop before you make your self look even more fool

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IRetrouk2404d ago

To be honest I'm ready for all 3 to be replaced with their respective successors

PixL2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Next gen, Microsoft won't stop making 360 when they introduce a new model. They will drop the price and possibly offer a version with built-in Kinect. Or they will drop the price for 360 even more and keep the price of Kinect high so people will be lured by "cheap console" and then pay extra for Live and Kinect.

Why so? Because casuals don't care about graphics. Does it differ if Dance Central 12 is in 720p or 1080p? No. What casuals care about is the price of console. This is following Nintendo's strategy of success a few years ago and partially Sony's strategy of keeping PS2 alive for so many years.

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