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PSBlog's Sid Shuman // Senior Social Media Specialist:

Though legions of bloodthirsty PSN warriors have plunged into Starhawk’s multiplayer beta, the single-player campaign has remained stubbornly cloaked in shadow. Until now: At a media event in New York City this week, Lightbox Interactive finally gave a peek under that cloak, showcasing a series of frantic battles and lush cinematic sequences from the game’s story-driven campaign. As Emmett Graves, an interstellar mercenary infected by a priceless but mutagenic resource dubbed “Rift energy,” you’ll use the game’s dramatic Build and Battle combat system to call down turrets, walls, vehicles and structures from outer space. Your objective is to defend the frontier town of White Sands from marauding Outcast invaders — including your Rift-possessed outlaw brother Logan.

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Dante1122405d ago

Starhawk is so much fun, especially when have a bunch of Warhawk vets playing with you (Pretty intense).

SoapShoes2405d ago

I'm liking how the single player isn't just multiplayer maps with quests tacked onto them like Unreal Tournament! Co-Op also sounds really fun!

2405d ago
BitbyDeath2405d ago

Ah, so that explains the Plants Vs Zombies comparison.
Can't wait to try it out.