No Flood in Halo 4

Confirmed by Frank O'Connor, the Flood will not be appearing in Halo 4.

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Dlacy13g2470d ago

Now I am truly excited for Halo 4

Lucretia2470d ago

same lmao. The score already jumped 2 entire points for me now haha. Yes by that fact alone :P

lategamer2470d ago

Frankie stated we won't be fighting the flood, I'm sure they will appear. The flood are an integral part of Halo's story.

RickHiggity2470d ago

Doesn't mean the series can't move on.

lategamer2470d ago

I'm not sure why I'm getting disagrees, but the flood are a part of the story. Halo:CE remake hints at the flood being in H4, the books talk about forerunners, precursors and the flood etc.

RickHiggity2470d ago

@lategamer Theres no denying that at all. Without The Flood, There would be no Halo rings. But it doesn't mean the series can't move on to a new foe. Hell even the mention of fighting covenant seems to disappoint some people

lategamer2469d ago

For the record, I hate fighting the flood, and I really disliked those levels in H2 and H3 (it made me hate playing as the Arbiter, even though I liked him as a character).

We know there will be a 3rd enemy, but the Flood may still be in the game. I'm not saying we fight them,but there's a strong chance there in the game. If the Precursers are in there, Didact, 343GS, and others we may def. see the Flood, or at the very least the flood will be referenced.

lastdual2470d ago

I'm eager to learn more about the new threat.

We've seen that grunts and elites will be back, but even that seems like a bit of a stretch. While they are iconic enemies, 343 needs to be bold enough to create *new* iconic foes that will force us to consider our tactics differently.

SilentNegotiator2470d ago

*ponders* about terrorists and Russians for the next 1000 installments? lol

BattleTorn2470d ago

That's surprising.

i guess they're saving that for Halo 5, hehe.

no_more_heroes2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

All together now...


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The story is too old to be commented.