Call of Duty 4 Prestige Symbols are actual Armed Forces medals

This is a forum post, but intriguing nonetheless. Includes pics and description of each medal.

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Genuine3963d ago

This tempts me to start prestige mode. I have been a lvl 55 for about 3 weeks now. I might put my golden gun quest on hold and try for prestige 10 before starting it again.

What level or prestige rank has everyone else made it to?

Afterburn3963d ago

I have the golden M60. I need the MP44 challenge to get the golden AK47 (I need all 150 yet). I need 30 HS with the mini Uzi and 55 with the Skorpion to get the golden Uzi. 40 more with the pump shotty to finish those. Don't even want to think about the sniper challenges. I also stayed at Lvl 55. I saw no reason to complete them again. All boot camp done, all elite done, 80 - 90 % done on all of the other challenges.

Genuine3963d ago

You are further along than what I was. I broke down and started Prestige about 45 min ago. I didn't do too bad, but it certainly is hard starting over.

I know what you mean about the sniper rifles. The fact that the hit detection for the sniper rifle doesn't register half the time, is all the more reason to avoid them.

Afterburn3963d ago

Lol, gave in huh? I really wanted a name with 100% completion, thus the effort with all the guns. I hate the M60, I never use it, I just wanted to say I did it. I've found the shotguns to take the most effort for a HS. Typically I catch some noob with a sniper and I walk up behind them, aim at their head from 2 inches away and pull the trigger. I get a headshot and they get to enjoy the feeling of seeing it on the kill cam. How dumb do they feel then... lmao.

Genuine3963d ago

Lol, that's certainly a Kodak moment. I bet the "suicide bomber" challenge would make for another sweet "kill-cam".

Afterburn3963d ago

Suicide bomber is "Misery loves company" on the PS version, but I know what you're talking about. I got a multi kill with that one btw.. Vacant domination, just run into the doorway at flag "C" where they all camp. Cooked, dodging, boom. Myself and 3 enemies. :)

Xbrainer3962d ago

M16 FTW I can snipe better with it than an actual sniper rifle

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EZCheez3963d ago

The MOH isn't for the tenth prestige level.

mighty_douche3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

lately its kind of seems like im just going round in circles becuase IW couldnt be assed to put in more ranks.

It should of been more like the BattleField PC games, will medals and ribbons and the ranks spaced out abit further.

Still i know alot of people need the little tap on the back to keep them playing thats what quickly ranking up gives them.

I mean the difference between lvl 54 and 55 is about 5000 points, you can easily do that in 4 or 5 matches on Headquaters.

Hangmat3963d ago

Already knew, got the same medals in BF2.

BloodySinner3963d ago

I'm not going to bother with Prestige. I really do not feel like restarting everything again just to prove my value to other online COD4 players. I think it's very lame.

Genuine3963d ago

True. But I have to admit I notice it when I'm playing against someone of a high prestige rank. I tend to pay attention to how many times I frag that person and vice versa. I guess just to measure if they are as good as their rank implies.

BloodySinner3962d ago

In this game, rank does not seem to matter at all. The ranking in this game just proves how dedicated you are to playing online (... or how much free time you have). If you're facing someone who is Level 30 or higher, you know that player is experienced enough to know what he/she is doing.

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