New Releases for the Week of April 15th-April 21st, 2012

Just how proud are the Polish of CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings? When President Barack Obama met with Poland’s Prime Minister last May, he made sure our Commander in Chief received a copy of the Collector’s Edition.

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sharpsword2382d ago

Witcher 2 this week. Dark Edition.

madmad2382d ago

Never played the first Witcher. Should I start with that one or can I jump in to 2?

Baka-akaB2382d ago

You should play it , since some events are still referenced to lightly and importable .

But if you got no choice , the second game is stand alone enough

madmad2382d ago

Thanks. It's just my laptop probably can't handle the first game.

RaptorMan2382d ago

If I ever get a Vita, I'll pick up Disgaea 3.

CharmingMan2382d ago

I wish there was a Witcher demo. I don't want to pick it up with some play time.

mediastudies2382d ago

Trails will kick my ass and shame me, but I will endure.

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