SSX: The Pieces Come Together

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

(Update from news earlier in the week) The EA Sports SSX Facebook Page added all but two pieces to the SSX puzzle, announcing the next big thing for the franchise. Other 'net users found and linked to the full page, but the FB page deleted those links! Read in for the full picture and guess at what is in store when the announcement comes on the 13th!

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RyanDJ2468d ago

Author's note: They announcement! More news Monday, GoozerNation will cover it. It allegedly has to do with the recognition of fan's passion for previous entries in the series, and that the producers were "off to set off some fireworks." Hmmm....

RyanDJ2468d ago

Apologies...N4G deleted my first comment in an odd glitch, and now it says 2 comments, yet I only see my second...I may be being redundant. :P

Rampaged Death2468d ago

It's Tricky tricky tricky tricky !!