Why the Next-Gen Pre-Owned Game Rumours Aren't Such a Bad Thing

TGR's Stark has been thinking about the fierce next-gen rumours regarding 2nd hand games (or the lack of), and despite understanding concern, doesn't really see it as a big deal.

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BigDan802378d ago

Agree with that. I've put a bigger reply on the site, but I think people will forget 2nd hand as an option before too long if it happens...

PoisonedMonkey2377d ago

Yep, and you're right what you say, things change and people adapt. What's a shock now will be the norm soon enough.

Waddy1012377d ago

Let's not forget that there is no used games market for the PC and some other devices like Android phones and iOS devices, when you buy a game you have that game forever.

1nsomniac2377d ago

You honestly think developers/publishers wont monopolise if this became the norm!?

You can say goodbye to £40 games & them dropping in price so quickly. If they have no pricing compatition, I would say you would probably be looking at £70 a game & at least a 6 month wait for a reduction.

tweet752377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

how will they differentiate borrowed games from rented games?

Also i wont buy the games if they cant be played on future versions of the consoles I may buy.

Phlapp2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I have pasted my reply from the orginal site.

'Well that’s all very well but we have all bought games that turn out to be rubbish, the only saving grace is that we can trade them in. Some of the big online, and I dare say offline publications are very swayed by big titles giving them advertising for favourable reviews, it goes on so let not deny it. That being the case how are we supposed to base our decsions on what we spend our hard earned cash on? Can we wholeheartedly trust professional reviews of games, which at the end of the day is just someones opinion? I doubt AAA titles will be effected but how about the lesser titles from lesser developers, who is going to risk their money on a full price game they can’t sell on? Are we to believe ALL games will have demos? Unlikely. Are we to believe that developer and publishers will drop unit prices because there is no longer a second hand market? Even more unlikely! So who will really suffer? Any smaller dev that doens’t have a HUGE budget to pay for favourable reviews, consumers that risk their money on titles with no post sale value. So how do I see the answer? Well I think giving one-use-only codes away with games so you get the full content is a great idea. The game can still be resold but with limited content, that way the purchaser has a clear choice and a real incentive to buy the full price game. If once someone buys a second hand copy of a game and they want the full content they should have the option to pay for it in-game, like happens for a few titles around at the moment. The balance between what content is locked under a code system will be a tough one to get right but if it is done well it will give us the consumer a real choice. Another great idea is to give DLC free to people who buy the full version of the game but charge the second hand market for DLC, that way the devs claim back some of the lost money in the second hand sale. I agree that the format owners should help in this field but a black and white senario of second hand=won’t work seems to put the ball completely in the developers court, even the rubbish ones!'

@ Waddy101 The reason there is no second-hand PC market is because the choice is even worse, full copy of the game or a FREE pirated version. As for IOS and Android the games on those platforms cost a fraction of the price of a console games so people are much more willing to risk spending money.

ziggurcat2376d ago

it's not a big deal because it's simply not going to happen.

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