Mass Effect 3: Stop trying to kick me out of the story

CNet writes: I've been having a jolly old time playing Mass Effect 3, but the game's pressure to abandon the main story in favour of multiplayer and mobile extras left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Dante1122406d ago

Even CNET is weighting in on ME3. When I played ME3, the story did feel a bit low key this time around, I didn't even get a unique ending that I been working on since the first Mass Effect game.

Nate-Dog2406d ago

I can totally relate with the author. I mean it's not like the multiplayer is awful or extremely boring (it's nothing ground-breaking mind you but it can be fun, at least for a while) but even before I had started my my third, or fourth or fifth playthrough of Mass Effect 3 I was saying to myself "Do I have to keep playing multiplayer now to keep my GR high so I don't have to waste hours later on? Will I just leave it until then and spend a whole day playing multiplayer instead of finishing the game? Will I even have Xbox Live Gold then (since my sub is about to run out and since I only really play single-player games on X360)?"

I agree it's a decent idea to have a multiplayer section of a game linked to the single-player, but this isn't a neat or tidy way of doing it, it's just a way for EA to keep people playing multiplayer, to get people who have bought the game second-hand to buy the online pass for it, and other things like that.