'Face-melting' graphics needed for next-gen, says Gears of War dev


Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says leap in visual fidelity an "essential step" that Microsoft and Sony need to take with future-generation consoles.

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LX-General-Kaos2469d ago

I usually don't agree with the need for ultra superior graphics are needed statements. But I trust Epic Games and will support them on PC. Console, or wherever they decide to take their work. If I am to play a shooter, It will be from Epic because Gears and Unreal Tournament are the best shooters I have played since the Legendary Halo Franchise.

Here's hopes that they develop an Unreal Tournament 4. No matter what platform it lands on. Day one purchase.

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GamingPerson2469d ago

ut3 was crap compared to what it was back in the day..

LX-General-Kaos2468d ago

Speak for yourself. I had plenty of fun with Unreal Tournament 3. It has been greatly overshadowed by more mainstream popular shooters, but I still got my moneys worth.

Now that I think about it... I didn't mention UT3 in my comment above. So where did that random burst of negativity come from?

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The Meerkat2469d ago

Gears of War made me buy my first HDTV.

I want that same wow factor again.

Emilio_Estevez2469d ago

Yup, going from standard to HD was a huge jump. Only time will tell if that same jump will be made with the next gen consoles.

Neko_Mega2469d ago

Yeah, I think he should try to make a PS3 only title and see if it looks better then what he made on 360. It's funny that he says this because he cry about how 360 lack the disc space, yet PS3 is right their with 50GB of disc space.

coolbeans2469d ago

How is this comment even relevant to the topic being discussed?

NYC_Gamer2469d ago

I'm sure Epic would make a PS3 exclusive if Sony pulled out the check book...MS paid for the Gears of War franchise it wasn't made 360 exclusive out of good heart.

GamingTruth2469d ago

sony is completely capable of going well over what cliff belinski wants, and from all that the pc fanboys have said this current gen, im sure sony will exceed far beyond this mans wants moreso than he wants, if he is a pc fan he should shut up too

GamingPerson2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Well Sony is not bias against pc! 2000 players? check! 666 vs 666 vs 666? check! Massive world with continents? check!
Published by Sony? check!
on ps3? :(
distract with 24 vs 24 playeer mmo named dust 514? check!
Next gen horse power needed? check!

That is next gen..
1080p is next gen enough for u though..
I love my ps3! (see avatar) but you are a disgraceful PC hater..

Real gamers don't go around spreading bile!

on topic: UE4!

GamingTruth2468d ago

and the pc fan brigade came to help you out once again and disagree with me, rest assured whatever unreal 4 looks like it will look like mario nes compared to whatever sony and microsoft, especially sony is readying for next gen

a pc hater? um, no, but i am a justice served type person and the pc fans have completely FULLY under credited the things ps3 has accomplished this generation, and will continue to

24 vs 24 player mmo means that a next gen machine is needed? lol, maybe just maybe ram, but for actual visuals in games im far more impressed with pc than anything ive seen in realtime on pc, pc only impresses me a tiny bit with games that aim for photorealism, otherwise i dont see the big glorification of pc fans talking up pc so big

givemeshelter2468d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about...please let the adults speak...

GamingTruth2468d ago

so your saying that im wrong about sony and that they dont make movies? then your wrong

Somebody2469d ago

"Bleszinski also noted that he hopes future generation consoles require users to be constantly connected to the Internet. "

Ok then...I guess the PC gamers' reaction towards Ubisoft's own constantly connected to the internet DRM over the past 2 years was just pure fantasy written by some anonymous journalist somewhere. Nothing more than some urban legend that other developers/publishers should ignore.

GamingPerson2469d ago

Yeah they will always say it's about connectivity.. They want control that is all.

Somebody2468d ago

I don't mind constant connectivity but having absolutely no control over your purchase is kind of creepy. It's funny he used auto downloaded demo as his example since demos are pretty rare these days.Especially since Epic has been busy with social gaming and getting their Unreal 3 engine to work on mobile devices.

I won't comment much about the "face-melting" graphic since everyone's have been talking and bickered about it since the dawn of pixels. We all know graphical fidelity will always get better and hardware will always get more powerful. What else is there to say? Saying it in an interview is redundant since I'm sure Epic said something similar when Sony and M'soft were developing the current-gen consoles years ago.