Opening month US Mass Effect 3 sales double ME2's

The results for March video game sales in the US are in: Mass Effect 3 won! And by quite a distance.
BioWare's trilogy-ending space RPG sold double what Mass Effect 2 managed during its opening month of January 2010, number-cruncher NPD revealed.
Remember, however, that Mass Effect 2 launched on two machines, PC and Xbox 360, and Mass Effect 3 launched on three: PC, PS3, Xbox 360.

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Abash2379d ago

Well ME2 came out at the very end of January 2010, ME3 came out at the very beginning of March with a PS3 version this time around. So honestly I wouldnt say this is anything big

googergieger2379d ago

If anything I'd be worried the game only doubled in sales. Not to mention this isn't even taking into account those that were returned/sold back. It'd be interesting to see what the sales for this month are. Hell what was their budget for making/advertising the game? Cause I'd like to see how much of a profit they actually make.

da_2pacalypse2379d ago

Oh trust me... they made a profit. The development costs of ME3 were much lower than ME1 and ME2.

The only thing they should be worried about right now should be the fact that Bioware is losing more and more credibility.

Xof2379d ago

Dragon Age 2's sales were also very good for that first month. But then came the decline--and what a sharp decline it was.

I imagine we'll see something similar for ME3.

kevnb2379d ago

kinect bundles were all over....

LtSkittles2378d ago

I had to get a new copy of Mass Effect 2, old one got the scratch ring :(

Jazz41082378d ago

If this hapened on 360 I know you could download the full game on the marketplace. Hope that helps.

LtSkittles2378d ago

I don't have a HDD for my 360 yet.

mochachino2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Do you find that ME2 has more bugs now then when it first launched. I was replaying on 360 and there are bugs that don't allow me to proceed through missions forcing me to restart at a last save. It's happened 3 times already and I haven't even finished the first mission after meeting the Illusive man.

That never happened once when I first bought it, it's like the updates made it worse.

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