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I've never controlled this kind of firepower in a Total War game before. I could feel it when delivering a point-blank broadside with a Warrior-class ironclad, all 20 guns reducing an enemy corvette to a fireball, while hostile return fire plinks harmlessly off my ship's armored hull. I see it when I take direct, first-person control of an artillery battery and start arcing shells into the midst of dense formations of enemy troops, the explosive shells wiping out 20 men at a time. And I know it when I check the post-battle report and see that my unit of 90 veteran marksmen quietly murdered over 400 of the enemy from the trees where I hid them. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai takes the Total War series to a whole new setting with an arsenal of amazing new killing machines, and the result is some of the most awe-inspiring combat in the series' long history.

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