BioWare writer to give master class in games writing

You have opportunity to hear BioWare writer Jo Berry speak about game design, when she gives a public master class at Sheffield Hallam University later this month.

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Mythicninja2432d ago

Protip: red, green, or blue is an acceptable answer on the final exam

ginsunuva2431d ago

No, red green & blue are the answer choices.

zeal0us2431d ago

I heard there will be a representative from EA monitoring everything Jo Berry does. If the representative see something he/she doesn't like they will offer Jo a suggestion....well more like demand Jo to do it their way.

Wumbo2432d ago

*Insert Joke about the writers and their inability to create a proper ending*

Tenkay232431d ago

First course: How to fuck up a Game's Ending 101

Broncos982431d ago

I think I would rather take the course from one of the Professors.

Squadron40Dive2431d ago

yeah i think I'll enroll us to troll him and the class

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