VGI REVIEW: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition

Wesley Copeland of VGI writes...

"This is the tale of a boy born in Cyrodill. Throughout his life he's travelled far and wide, visiting Thedas, Antaloor, Amalur, Ehb, Faranga and many more places on his RPG journey, before ultimately settling down in the province of Skyrim. In the years that followed he became bored and yearned for a new adventure. So with his trusty RPG survival kit in hand, he ventured forth to the lands of Tameria. Although he probably should have stayed at home."

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VGI2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I thought the exact same thing when I saw I had a comment! ^_^


pr0digyZA2432d ago

What? that the hits are coming.

VGI2432d ago

I'm anticipating a lot of negativity for having a difference of opinion on what is a popular title.

Meaning "and so it begins" is good summary of the amount of abuse I'll most likely be getting.

Mariusmssj2432d ago

Everyone can have their own opinion. This game is obviously not gonna pleas everyone, but the good thing is that millions are going to enjoy it :D

VGI2432d ago

That is one of the most level headed and fair responses I've ever heard.

I'm glad that there are those who see that my work is just my opinion and that people are more than entitled to disagree and go on to still love games that I dislike.

Mariusmssj2432d ago

I was going to leave a comment on the site but didn't have any of those accounts, so my comment was going to be:
Really enjoyed your review and the points that you pushed forward were fair. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy that much, but everyone has different likes and dislikes, can't please every can you!?. Hope you give a try to their future releases and enjoy them.

NYC_Gamer2432d ago

I enjoyed the game but some may not and that's 100% fine

mistajeff2432d ago

I agree with your criticisms, though I respectfully disagree with your overall impression of the game. It all comes down to personal preference, so for me, the parts I love (particularly the fact that your choices carry genuine weight, something a lot of modern rpgs don't convey too well) significantly outshine the aspects that are lacking (namely the combat), and of course that will vary from person to person. One thing that's worth noting is that there's two versions of act two based on a certain choice you make in act one, so some players will experience an entirely different set of main and side quests based out of a different hub depending on their choice.

One thing that's a little upsetting to hear is that act three still feels under-cooked. I have the PC version, and the additional content seems to focus on act 3, so I was hoping the enhanced edition would flesh things out a bit more. While the ending definitely drops things off, I will say that it feels (to me) like geralt's arc in this story is sufficiently completed by the end. It's just that, with everything that happens, you get swept up in the politics and the political story arc feels like it's just getting going at the end, which is likely to be the focus of the next witcher game.

Overall a great review, even if I respectfully disagree with a few things (out of personal opinion more than anything).

ferelinstincts2432d ago

Hmm, I personally found this game to be amazing when I first played it on PC. Never the less, not everyone will feel the same way and 3/5 isn't exactly a horrible score. Nice review. :)

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