What companies EA beat to win "Worst Company"

Much to the surprise of many, Electronic Arts has “won” the 2012 Consumerist “Golden Poo” award, an annual bracket in which voters debate an age-old question: which company deserves to be called the “Worst Company in America?” Let that sink in for a second; Electronic Arts, the company that brought us such hits as Madden NFL 12, Battlefield 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Mass Effect 3, has been named the “worst” company in America. Surely there must be companies committing more heinous acts that releasing games that require you to pay an extra $10 to play online if you didn’t buy it new, right?

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TopDudeMan2383d ago

Let's not forget activision and capcom. The big evil 3, I call them, now.

BrianShea2383d ago

Yeah, I called them out in the footer of the article. This was mainly focused on other companies that were in Consumerist's field. But I agree.

tigertron2383d ago

Activision, Capcom and Square-Enix if we're talking purely about game companies.

Moerdigan2383d ago

SE just has horrible leadership I think if Wada left, the majority of problems would end.

jmac532383d ago

What a bunch of retards. How can you compare videogame companies to the likes of BoA, Monsato, and companies that fall under the military industrial complex.