Capcom: Steel Battalion for Kinect is "better than Star Wars"

OXM writes: From Software's re-treatment of Steel Battalion for Kinect bears comparison with Microsoft's decision to expand Kinect Star Wars in the run-up to release, adding in modes that might otherwise have been sold as DLC. What was once a "pure" simulation - a Jedi fighting game on the one hand, a mech piloting fest on the other - now gives form to other aspects of its fiction.

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Optical_Matrix2378d ago

They both look atrocious. How about them apples?

cstyle2377d ago

Haters. At least they are supporting the device and can afford to.

2377d ago
dark-hollow2377d ago

"Steel Battalion for Kinect is "better than Star Wars"

Anything is better than that pile of crap.

--Onilink--2377d ago

well its not like the bar was set too high...

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