Former Sony Santa Monica Devs Talk God Of War 4

NowGamer: Will God of War 4 be a prequel? Will Kratos return? We speak to former God of War artists to find out more.

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lover20122383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

play it

Wintersun6162383d ago

<Insert a random word here>

lociefer2383d ago

just to be different from those above me

Darrius Cole2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago ) GOW4

Fylus2383d ago

Seven times in a row...

zeeshan2383d ago

I think we'll see a PS VITA GOD of War game too.

Hisiru2383d ago

Or maybe a new PS3 game

Boody-Bandit2382d ago

Jupiter's cock!
Oh wait, that's Spartacus.

gunnerforlife2382d ago

Bubbles to every single one of you for making me LOL

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THESONYPS32383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

thatihavetowaittilitcomesoutjo kesigettoplayitearly ;)

dredgewalker2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Nevermind, I'm dying for a new GOW game. Please let it be real.

Hisiru2383d ago

because if it's not real, I will stop gaming

Chucky20032383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Don't know why i replied !!!

Bleucrunch2383d ago

Sony may want to consider leaving this franchise alone and letting it fade off into the sunset and start a brand new IP for the PS4

TheRealHeisenberg2383d ago

Sony can do both. Bring me GOW4 and a new IP. It's not like they don't have enough studios. Milk on baby!!!

Marquis_de_Sade2382d ago

I honestly think God of War is the most overrated franchise around, a perfect example of style over substance, fantastic visuals but clunky, dull combat.

Bleucrunch2380d ago

I don't like good franchises being Milked it shows that that company has no more good ideas and are just going with this one idea until they have completely screwed it up....I think Metal Gear Rising comes to mind when I think of this concept. GOW had its time and it was a great Franchise move Santa Monica...I know you have a great team that can create another classic for us gamers to enjoy.

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showtimefolks2383d ago

I think its heavenly sword 2

Beyond revenge lies redemption is what it reads on HS box art

but i will be happy with GOW 4 too no doubt about it

smashman982383d ago

You just found out wwhat it really is the colors and font match perfectly its a new heavenly sword on april 19th awesome

KOOLWIIP2383d ago

same here.. i would put money on it..

Lilioups2381d ago

iwould LOVE a HS2....i think nariko is on eof the most epic female characters

subtenko2383d ago

Because Kratos

^(In case yall still playing the word game)

My thoughts about GOW4 are that I just hope we can get the aftermath of GOW3 in this game or the next. I wanna know whats gonna happen after all the sh** that went down after GOW3! Make it for ps4 if ya have too xD Anyone else feel the same?

Agree or Disagree if you Agree :)

Plagasx2383d ago


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fastrez2383d ago

Hard to guess what they'll do to continue the story, but more God of War is always a good thing.

miyamoto2383d ago

GOW on PS Vita is a must.

SandWitch2383d ago

Agree, once Santa Monica have finished working on GOW4 they should begin making a new GOW for Vita.

Raoh2383d ago

Indeed, but I hope for something different than just being able to play the same game on both.

maybe two running stories that overlap each other but can run independently so your not forced to buy both enjoy each game.

Nimblest-Assassin2383d ago

Santa Monica already has a lot of projects to focus on. If god of war was to come to the vita, it would be done by readyatdawn. The guys behind both PSP games

miyamoto2382d ago

Makes sense on the PS Vita like on the PSP.

skyward2383d ago

Can't see how co-op will work if players are just going to ruin each others' combos?

HaHa_Ostrich2383d ago

I can imagine context sensitive multi layered coop combo system. Santa Monica can do it.

hiredhelp2383d ago

If god of war comes out vita doesnt get a taste i have to rebuy another ps3, just sit next to my pc plug it in if any game i loved the most of ps3 would been GOW3.

from the very first to the very last in ghost of sparta on old psp. GOW3 took it to a whole new level left me wanting more, i didnt like the fact he killed himself (OR DID HE)
But its the story i guess but I lost hope thought we never see another GOW i thought be somert else somert along them lines maybe another myth.

Oh god kratos brings me to my kness picks me up by my neck and shakes me till my wallett falls out.

hiredhelp2383d ago

Punctuation, sorry pal but im not very good at spelling or punctuations but i try my best.
If you unhappy with the way i comment please pm me i tell you the reason why i have issues, not cos wasnt learnt how to lol. No bit more depressing then that sir.